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Typography is an important and crucial part of any web design. For this reason, almost every designer pays lots of attention to the use of typography. In this round-up, we are showcasing some excellent examples of typography in web design.

The latest trend in web typography is to employ bigger fonts that grab the attention of the viewers. Applying big typographic elements helps visitors in paying attention to the main element of the design.

Now, we shall take a look at some great examples of websites that demonstrate effective use of typography in their design. Enjoy!


1. Moresoda


2. Bear Grylls Live

Bear Grylls Live

3. Ryan Keiser

Ryan Keiser

4. Ipolecat


5. Carbonmade


6. Glitch


7. Just Dot


8. Sofasurfer


9. Diego Latorre

Diego latorre

10. Hull Digital Live

Hull Digital Live

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