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This new translator app can read printed text and translate it for you on screen. The new app, created by Quest Visual is called World Lens, is leading the way in mobile translation tools. The app uses Augmented reality technology to read  street signs, menus, and most printed text which it translates for you and displays the English version on the screen of your iPhone. I believe this technology is the future of things to come mobile apps.

Check out the video below and see for yourself.

The translator app currently only works on Spanish to English, but according to John DeWeese and Otavio Good from Quest Visual “We won’t stop until we get all the way across the globe”. The guys are focusing on European languages to start and expanding from there. For those of your who aren’t iPhone owners it looks like you will have to wait and see as there are no immediate plans to roll out World Lens on Android or the other mobile platforms. Which is a shame for you as I believe this is the must have travel app on the market.

What does this future… direction of mobile apps mean to you. Well if the early success of World Lens is anything to go by, this is the future of mobile translation. Marketing professionals in all countries need to prepare their offline material to accommodate for the optimum reading conditions required by mobile handsets. Quest Visual tell us that the best results are achieved from clear text and bright light. You would also be wise to include Augmented Reality technology in your next plan for a mobile app build.

If you what to give the app a test run you can download it from itunes by clicking here.

I’ll being keeping in touch with Quest Visual and keep you informed as soon as they roll out new languages or even new apps. If you have experience with Augmented Reality technology in mobile apps or have any questions about this new technology please leave a comment below.

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