20 Useful Free Photoshop Patterns

20 Useful Free Photoshop Patterns

Patterns actually can be found almost everywhere in print design, web design, graphic design etc. For example if you use pattern in web design, just set CSS repeat-x-y and you’ll get beautiful background, but image will be very small and page load time will be much faster. There are very big varieties how you can use and implement patterns, but the fact is free resources like patterns, brushes, shapes are big time savers. Of course it’s better to create your own stuff, but sometimes you receive project with fast deadline and you need everything to do fast and this is one of the solutions.

This list just features 20 useful free photoshop patterns collections, it was very interesting for me to write this article, I am hoping it will be interesting reading and useful resource for bookmarking.

8 Seamless “Dark Metal Grid” Patterns

Grunge Patterns

Micro Patterns

Pixel Art Patterns 1

20 Seamless Photoshop Grid Patterns

Grid Paper Seamless Pattern

Hexagon Patterns 1

Tileable Starfield Photoshop Patterns

Paisley Pattern

Grungy Natural Beige Photoshop Patterns

Stripes by Peter Plastic

10 Light Seamless Patterns

Subtle Grunge Patterns

32 Photoshop Patterns: Subtle Pixels

7 Tileable Metal & Carbon Fiber Patterns

12 Free Minimal Web Patterns

Free Exotic Polka Dot Pattern

Stripes Collection Pattern

10 Patterns inspired by fabrics

Subtle Light Tile Pattern vol1


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