QR codes can be highly practical when you know how to use them


QR codes

Though marketers continually debate their value, these barcodes can be very useful.

This year has seen a massive use of QR codes by marketers, but consumers have been slow to catch on to what these digital barcodes are and how they can be used.

While some say the technology’s time is up, others say it is just about to take off.

The reason that there are so many marketers, brands, and companies still hanging on to the hope that QR codes will soon become commonly used among consumers, is that they are exceptionally inexpensive and simple to produce, and can be highly practical when they have been properly implemented.

QR codes have already been shown to be useful for brands and consumers alike.

Some examples of situations where this technology has been successfully used and where consumers have consistently participated include the following:• Temporary tattoos for children – Parents are always concerned about having their children go missing when they are out in public. Whether they are at the mall or at a busy theme park or festival, it can be very easy for a child to wander off within a matter of seconds. When the child has temporary tattoos of QR codes, it means that they can provide good Samaritans and staffers with the ability to scan the code and obtain the parents’ contact information, such as a cell phone number.• Tourism guides – museums, art galleries, and even entire cities have been fitting themselves with QR codes that help visitors to learn more about a certain piece, exhibit, or location. This can enhance the experience for the visitor, who may not otherwise have access to such an abundance of information.• Speed dating – already a concept designed for individuals who are looking to make meeting people as efficient a process as possible, QR codes are now bumping that up another notch. One quick scan can allow people to obtain profiles about the other person, so that they can further the amount of information available to them within the short span of time that they have to speak. They may have a quick little discussion within the allotted time, but scanning the barcode can provide more info about the person’s interests, zodiac sign, occupation, favorite movies and books, and more.For more QR code uses and articles.

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