Rain Drum Umbrella Creates Instant Drum Beats in Use | vía designrulz.com


Check out the Rain Drum umbrella!  Rain drum is an innovative umbrella that features various kinds of sound, making the most interesting amusement for user during rainy days.  The Rain Drum umbrella is an idea of the designer Dong Min Park.  Now, you can use your umbrella to make music with the Rain Drum Umbrella.  To make the sounds possible, it consists of five different sized wax-cloth made ‘shades’, with different elasticities.  And depending on the elasticity and size of the ‘shades’, the frequency of sound emitted differs accordingly.

Rain Drum Umbrella Creates Instant Drum Beats in Use   DesignRulz.com

Can you imagine once these get really popular and every one has one, the streets will be filled with music. Each area of this umbrella creates a different drum sound, making for a very unique sensory experience as you’re battling to stay dry.  >>>>   Leer más “Rain Drum Umbrella Creates Instant Drum Beats in Use | vía designrulz.com”

Gamificación en España 2012 | Sergio Jiménez Arenas

Sergio  es analista, consultor y ponente, especialista en gamificación, entusiasta del marketing, la tecnología y los juegos
Descargar Estudio Completo

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Alemán-Mujer/Mujer-Alemán o expresiones que más usan las mujeres


Alemán-Mujer/Mujer-Alemán es el título de la publicación y en sus páginas se encuentran las diez palabras o expresiones que más usan las mujeres, además se explica el significadoexacto que ellas les dan.

1.- OK. Es la palabra más socorrida para finalizar un discurso. Cuando quieren decir que la discusión ha terminado y que es momento de que te calles.
2.- CINCO MINUTOS. Es lo que contestan cuando se les pregunta cuánto más tardarán en arreglarse (y en realidad significa media hora), pero cinco minutos son efectivamente cinco minutos si ellas te los conceden para que termines de hacer tus cosas.
3.- NADA. Significa todo, es la calma antes de la tormenta. Discusiones que empiezan con NADA, normalmente acaban con OK (Ver punto 1). Leer más “Alemán-Mujer/Mujer-Alemán o expresiones que más usan las mujeres”

12 Detailed Checklists to Promote Your Blog [Infographic] | Infographics4u

When you start a new blog the most important task is to promote your blog and yet many people fail in doing that. In this infographic you will learn 12 detailed checklists to promote your blog. With these simple steps you will know how to promote your blog post.[Via]

The Colors of the top 100 Web Brands [Infographic]


A detailed infographic that reveals powerful colors of the web which are colors implemented by major internet companies in their branding. This great infographic about the most powerful colors in the world comes to us from ColourLovers.com and features colors from the top 100 internet brands worldwide. It reveals some interesting trends in design. Colorlovers had specific goals in mind when they set out to collect the information for the graphic.

Optimize video through google and youtube [Infographic]

More than 150 million people view videos online every year, most of them eager to hear your business’s pitch if you create and market your video effectively. Online videos nowadays have become a popular source for sharing information. YouTube, from Google, is the largest and the most popular video sharing website on the internet. Millions of people watch YouTube Videos everyday and share it on Face Book or Twitter every minute. Online videos will soon be able to attract 90% of the online traffic. “Go Viral with Video” With the people across the world moving online, now is the time to optimize your videos on web. This infographic will show you about Optimize video through google and youtube.

 Optimize video through google and youtube infographic



PHP in the Enterprise [Infographic]


PHP is a general-purpose server-side scripting language originally designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages. It is one of the first developed server-side scripting languages to be embedded into an HTML source document rather than calling an external file to process data. This infographic is an attempt to readdress the balance and show how PHP is used in the enterprise.


Consejos para crear estrategia


Tres investigadores de la consultora McKinsey: Chris Bradley, Lowell Bryan y Sven Smit, publicaron el ensayo “Managing the strategy journey”, donde describen algunos simples consejos para desarrollar una estrategia empresarial.

Los tres consejos que ofrecen pueden parecer muy simples, pero hechos sobre la base de entrevistas con líderes de empresas y de sus experiencias con clientes, estas ideas representan habilidades fundacionales para quien desee instalar una estrategia.

3/3 consejos. Tiempo de lectura  4,37 minutos… >>>  Leer más “Consejos para crear estrategia”

IRIS Camera Concept Could One Day Let You Take Photos by Blinking

By KEITH WAGSTAFF | @kwagstaff | http://techland.time.com

Imagine a viewfinder that follows your eye, focuses wherever you look and then snaps a photo when you blink twice. That’s the idea behind IRIS, a new concept by Mimi Zou.

“I was thinking, ‘What’s the middle ground between the convenience of a cameraphone and the performance of a DSLR?’” says Zou, 24, who came up with IRIS as a master’s student at the Royal College of Art in London.

The camera pictured is an ideal version of what Zou hopes to build, although she has developed a slightly larger prototype that’s capable of eye-tracking and taking pictures when you blink. The biggest challenge will be moving the computing functions from her computer to the device itself.

So, what will the finished version hopefully be capable of? >>>   Leer más “IRIS Camera Concept Could One Day Let You Take Photos by Blinking”

7 Ways to Find Powerful Influencers | Written by Belinda Stinson


We all know them, the people who know their stuff inside out and we look to for guidance and advice.7 Ways to Find Powerful Influencers

They are not just experts, they are influencers.

Influencers are hubs of information, they have many followers who respect their recommendations and opinions and being featured by them sends a powerful amount of targeted traffic your way.

It is the ripple effect.

If you want to grow your business you need to know who the influencers are in your field, learn from their expertise and build a productive professional relationship with them.

The Leverage of Influence

Influencers are important to your business because of the size of their audience and the influence they exert. It is good old fashion word of mouth recommendations on steroids.

So if you want to grow your business or profile online it only makes sense to find the right influencers, learn all you can and build excellent working relationships with them.

Finding Influencers Leer más “7 Ways to Find Powerful Influencers | Written by Belinda Stinson”

Disney Research desarrolla algoritmo para modelar caras en 3D | Vía http://chikanad.wordpress.com

Los personajes de animación 3D basados en la digitalización de seres humanos nunca se han caracterizado por una gran reconstrucción del pelo o del vello facial; un detalle que Disney Research ha estado perfeccionando en un nuevo sistema de captura.

Es más habitual que personajes de animación se construyan a partir de modelos basados en personales reales, mediante la captura de sus movimientos y también digitalizando sus caras y sus cuerpos.

El equipo de Disney Research, ubicado en Zúrich (Suiza), junto a la Universidad Cornell Leer más “Disney Research desarrolla algoritmo para modelar caras en 3D | Vía http://chikanad.wordpress.com”