Diseños by Sebastien CUYPERS

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Sebastien CUYPERS is a french graphic designer and illustrator based in Paris, France. Born in 1980 and got used to drawing from early childhood on, in his works typography adds to the motif to make it complete but at the same time acts as an autonomous and stand-alone feature of the layout. He handles letters like characters, allowing for their own and strong expression.

CUYPERS designs are not bound to one single medium, he is working as a graphic designer for a communication agency as well as designing for skateboards and customizing vinyl toys. Besides that he has a particular affinity to T-Shirt design which he calls his first love. He likes the way shirts are transmitting a message or a mood according to place and situation and sees an artist designed shirt as a kind of living support for self-expression.


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Liderazgo extranjero | Vía marketyou.com



Las nuevas generaciones que están entrando en el mercado laboral nacieron con un Smartphone debajo del brazo, fueron al colegio al mismo tiempo que descubrían Internet y han crecido en una constante interconexión derivada de las nuevas plataformas digitales.

Son la piedra angular de la sociedad del futuro y sin embargo, son una de las generaciones que más difícil lo está teniendo para progresar.

La crisis económica actual está siendo su principal enemigo para acceder al mercado laboral, pero no el único. Un mercado de trabajo obsoleto e incapaz de comprenderles se postula, a la larga, como el mayor de sus obstáculos.

La gran mayoría de jefes con los que se encuentran rozan los cuarenta y son el reflejo de la brecha que se ha creado entre las nuevas generaciones de trabajadores, y los directivos de las organizaciones en las que se incorporan.

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Secret: Your Age Doesn’t Matter

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Hey, baby face. Think you’re being judged? You’re not. In fact, you may be at an advantage when starting a business.

Baby Face


If you have the sort of cute-but-less-than-authoritative face that causes random aunts to reach out and pinch your cheeks, is your career as an entrepreneur bound to suffer? After all, who would support the business ventures of someone who looks like he could still be mowing lawns for pocket change to go to the prom?

But baby-faced business owners and entrepreneurs who are genuinely young and look their age should take heart: Not everyone thinks your youthful looks are simply a disadvantage. For instance, a new study led by a professor of marketing at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business finds that when hiring managers are given a choice between proven ability and apparent potential, they often opt for the excitement of the untested but promising candidate. Leer más “Secret: Your Age Doesn’t Matter”