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 by Vartika

Black is a classic and elegant color and it can make designs look really beautiful. Black and White are common colors that we can found in every other design. But when it comes to the use of a single black color it just make the design stand out in the crowd. In this post I collected some classic black business cards for theinspiration of business card designers. Here you will notice the richness and classis look of Black Business Cards.

Vinyl Record Business Cards

black business cards

Line Corporate Business Card

black business cards

Guido Ricci Mase

black business cards

Quick Response Business Card

black business cards

Dominique Rougeau

black business cards

Alpis Design

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The Battle Between Content and Design



Back (waay back) in 1996, Bill Gates wrote an article titled “Content is King“. The piece was prescient in many ways:

But the broad opportunities for most companies involve supplying information or entertainment. No company is too small to participate.

I love this line:

If people are to be expected to put up with turning on a computer to read a screen, they must be rewarded with deep and extremely up-to-date information that they can explore at will. They need to have audio, and possibly video.”

How right you were Mr. Gates. We get it all and we never turn those darn computers off now. This was before Google (Google, Inc. launched in 1998), so he couldn’t know to what extent content would matter from a data and search perspective. What he did know was that the Internet would be a business game changer that had the potential to level the playing field. So long as we would “put up” with turning on our computers…

Great content keeps us coming back for more. We share it. We comment on it. It gets crawled and ranked. It keeps us company and it makes us smarter.

If you do a search for the term Content is King you will get more than 1 billion results. Guess a lot of people really believe that statement. If you do a search for the term Design is King, you also get more than 1 billion results. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, you will see the irony inherent in the number of kings running around here.

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Diseño de latas de Coca Cola inspirado en videojuego de arcade


Canadá.- Una diseñadora en Ontario, Canadá creó Coca Cola Pixel Edition, una edición especial inspirada en Space Invaders, el primer videojuego de arcade creado en Japón en 1978 que se volvió hit en los 80s.

En el terreno de la creatividad los diseñadores se aproximan a sus marcas favoritas con ideas innovadoras, y Coca Cola es una lovemark favorita cuando se trata de diseño.

Jamás saldrá a la venta ni la encontraremos en las tiendas, pero este diseño creativo de Erin McGuire recuerda aquellos tiempos en que los juegos de arcade inician toda una era de videojuegos que sigue en desarrollo hasta la actualidad.

La colección se inspiró también en Invader, un artista parisino de pixel art que ha pegado sus creaciones de personajes de famosos juegos de arcade en calles de todo el mundo.

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The Importance of Share of Voice in the Marketplace | Inbound Marketing Expert


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Share your voiceShare of Voice (SOV) is a term used in the marketing and advertising industry sector to assign a numerical factor to just how much impact a brand or product makes in a segment over a defined period. SOV measurement is not limited to the field of marketing; political research groups often estimate SOV to monitor the media reach of ideological parties in media outlets such as radio, television and the Internet. In this sense, SOV can be considered a combination of the market share a brand holds and the buzz that surrounds it during a period of time.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online marketing, SOV is the percentage that advertising of a site, product or service holds in particular markets at certain times. For example, if a single Google AdWords piece of advertising is clicked by every other visitor to a specific web page over a 24 hour period, the SOV in that situation can be estimated at 50 percent. If a pizza shop offers an online coupon in a landing page in exchange for the visitor agreeing to subscribe to a mailing list, and 250 out of 1,000 visitors provide their email address, the SOV is 25 percent.

Measuring SOV is a crucial component of a solid social media marketing strategy. SEO and online marketing professionals are used to digging into website analytics to track the success of their campaigns, but social media marketing requires a different set of metrics. SOV is a reliable factor to measure for professionals who turn to online social networks to market their brands. Business enterprises with significant online presences are increasingly paying attention to SOV at a time when Internet users prefer social networks over search engines.

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Push, Push, Push: Expanding Your Comfort Zone…| Solo si estas preparado #don’t waste your time


What scares you? Entrepreneur Derek Sivers explains how that question has guided his adventures and challenged his comfort zone.

Photo by hji

I’m 40 metres underwater. It’s getting cold and dark. It’s only the third dive in my life, but I’m taking the advanced training course, and the Caribbean teacher was a little reckless, dashing ahead, leaving me alone.

The next day I’m in a government office, answering an interview, raising my right hand, becoming a citizen of Dominica.

I’m in a Muslim Indian family’s house in Staten Island, washing my feet, with the Imam waiting for my conversion ceremony. Next week they will be my family in-law. The Muslim wedding will make her extended family happy. I’ve memorised the syllables I need to say. “Ash hadu alla ilaha illallah. Ash hadu anna muhammadar rasulullah.” Leer más “Push, Push, Push: Expanding Your Comfort Zone…| Solo si estas preparado #don’t waste your time”



All designers say simplicity is important, but what does it really mean to make something simple? Most of the time we think it means less, that by removing stuff we achieve simplicity. We think by keeping content above the fold we’re helping people focus, or by using bullets instead of paragraphs more people will read it, or by cutting text in half it becomes more clear. But simple doesn’t mean “less”. A better definition would be “just enough”.

Oops, I may have oversimplified there…

In some cases designs actually need more of something to become simple. So a better definition of simple is “just enough for comprehension and the ability to pursue and complete our goals”. Instead of hiding or cutting stuff away, here is how we can achieve more meaningful simplicity in our designs:

  • Have a single core idea (not several ideas, or a partial idea)
  • Improve clarity over time (don’t overwhelm with inappropriate details)
  • Use consistency (avoid using unnecessarily unique interfaces and messages)

Have a Single Core Idea

Attention and interest are the first things you need to develop to get someone to take any kind of action. The best way to grab attention and build interest is to present a single core idea, fully fledged. This allows the user to make a binary decision about it: “Am I interested or not?”. Introducing a feature in a way that people can instantly map it to a desired outcome will help them prioritize and be confident about their next step. The need to present a single core idea is true from the big picture all the way down to each of the smallest features.

“Nothing says Send Message, like the words ‘Send Message’.” – Des Treynor @destraynor

This is an example of a small feature being extremely clear to an outcome. The copy here could have been “Go” or “Submit Now” or just “Send”. None of these are as clear or binary as “Send Message”, which in two words allows people to confidently agree or disagree with it. As you move into more complex features being binary gets exponentially harder, but the goal should remain the same: lead people with a core idea that properly sets their expectations. If we fail to do this, the perception of complexity will grow.

A single core idea is:

  • Binary – simple enough that there are only two sides to it…allowing people to assess their agreement or not.
  • Stated in plain language – be as clear and obvious about the problem or opportunity as possible.
  • Repeated constantly – every interface should reiterate the appropriate problem or opportunity where appropriate.
  • Tied to an outcome – the end goal of each problem or opportunity should always be visible.

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