5 excellent Open Source Content Management Systems start website.

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by Every day, more and more people are building their own websites and leading their own communities. They are built to take care of all the backend programming and database maintenance, allowing you to focus on creating the website that you want. These are 5 essential or day to day most widely used CMS you can prefer to create your own website without any prior knowledge.

1. WordPress
It’s impossible to talk about CMS’s without mentioning WordPress. WordPress started off as a simple blog publishing product back in 2003, it has since evolved into something much more that they are used by each and everyone who is familiar with it. Since it has user friendly UI a layman can understand in one go. That the power of WordPress. More over WordPress is powered by PHP and MySQL.

2. Joomla
This is the next best Open Source Content Management System which is widely used by designers. They have lots of option in terms of designing. Your website can be as lightweight or as heavyweight as you need it to be. There are hundreds of extensions available that will help you mold your website into doing exactly what you wish. Joomla is powered by PHP and MySQL.

3. Drupal
Drupal is the oldest contender in CMS. Drupal is unique and continued survival is due in part to the huge community of volunteer contributors. Basically Drupal is powered by PHP and any of the following databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL ServerMongoDB, or MariaDB.

4. CMS Made Simple
CMS Made Simple was introduced in 2009. It has made user with easy road towards developing and customizing a website. It’s a hassle free CMS and it has made for you so you can give it try and customize yours. CMS Made Simple is powered by PHP and MySQL or PostgreSQL.

5. B2evolution
b2evolution and WordPress are almost the same as they share the same roots. Moreover it has multi blog feature under single roof. Most of the other Content Management System would require some sort of Plugin and Extension to support multiple blog. You can have a try for b2evolution if you are familiar with WordPress


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