Curiosas imágenes de desnudos desde el aire | LA F.m.

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Curiosas imágenes de desnudos desde el aire #oigolafm…

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Social Business: What Are Companies Really Doing?

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Findings from the 2012 Social Business Global Executive Study and Research Project by Deloitte and MIT Sloan Management Review (SMR)



The proliferation of technology-based social networking has transformed politics and social norms on a global scale over the past decade. Will social networking and social software have a similarly transformative effect on business? Is it already doing so? What kinds of enterprises are benefiting the most? And how are they benefiting?


To answer these questions, Deloitte and MIT Sloan Management Review (SMR) collaborated on a global research effort to investigate the management implications of the rapidly evolving world of social business. Gathered through surveys and interviews, the research results provide executives insight into the social business landscape today and a framework to help realize value from social business investments.


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Mobile Guide – How to Get Back Your Lost or Stolen Phones? | All Infographics

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Infographics on Mobile Guide on Stolen Phone for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone on Mobile Apps Platform to get back stolen Phone and Mobile tracking…

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From Information Paralysis to Analysis: The Human Algorithm And Curation Are The Solution | Brian Solis

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Here is an interesting excerped from article:

«The onslaught of real-time social, local, mobile (SoLoMo) technology is nothing short of overwhelming. Besides the gadgets, apps, social networks and appliances that continue to emerge, the pace of innovation is only outdone by the volumes of data that each produce.

While the amount of personal and ambient information churned out by SoLoMo is often inundating or even perplexing, it is this “big” data that will help businesses evolve and adapt in a new era of connected consumerism.

Without interpretation, insight and the ability to put knowledge to work, any investment in technology and resources is premature. But, by investing in human capital to make sense of would be ominous data, organizations can modernize the role of business intelligence to introduce a human touch.

You’ve heard that old saying, over analysis leads to paralysis. In the face of big data, it’s easy to see the tidal wave that can result from the influx of inputs and sources. 

The reality is though that how organizations connected with customers yesterday is not how customers will be served tomorrow. Meaning, the entire infrastructure in how we market, sell, help, and create now requires companies to not only study data and behavior but also change how it thinks about customers. This is a bona fide renaissance, and to lead a new era of customer engagement requires knowledge acumen.

I refer to the confluence of data and interpretation as the human algorithm — the ability to humanize technology and data to put a face, personality, and voice to the need and chance for change. Data must tell a story.

The human algorithm is part understanding and part communication. The ability to communicate and apply insights internally and externally is the key to unlocking opportunities to earn relevance. Beyond research, beyond intelligence, the human algorithm is a function of extracting insights with intention, humanizing trends and possibilities and working with strategists to improve and innovate everything — from processes to products to overall experiences.

The idea of the human algorithm is to serve as the human counterpart to the abundance of new social intelligence and listening platforms hitting the market every day. Someone has to be on the other side of data to interpret it beyond the routine. Someone has to redefine the typical buckets where data is poured. And someone has to redefine the value of data to save important findings from a slow and eventual death by three-ring binders rich with direction and meaning…»


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MIT presenta un sistema para hacer los sitios web hasta tres veces más rápidos

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Esta semana, en la Conferencia Internacional enfocada en sistemas con grandes bases de datos (38th International Conference on Very Large Databases), investigadores de ciencia de la computación del MIT (massachusetts institute of technology) y del laboratorio de Inteligencia Artificial presentaron un nuevo sistema que encuentra patrones de forma automática en grandes bases de datos y consigue realizar particiones para hacer los sitios web hasta tres veces más rápidos.

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¿Cuáles son los momentos del día más creativos?

Mientras dormimos, después de la siesta o al despertarse, suelen aparecer ideas; cuando el cerebro está «desconectado», sigue procesando información y aporta soluciones

Por Mariana Israel  | Para LA NACION

La creatividad no es un «poder sobrenatural», ni un privilegio de un puñado de iluminados, como Steve Jobs o Mark Zuckerberg. Generar ideas innovadoras es una habilidad que puede potenciarse.
El primer paso es alejarse del problema. Así como un pintor tiene que tomar distancia para admirar su obra completa, hay que ver el tema en cuestión desde distintas aristas para que surjan ideas creativas.El segundo paso es relajarse.»Muchos creativos reportan que tienen ideas nuevas cuando no están pensando en nada», afirma el doctor Facundo Manes, director del Instituto de Neurociencias de la Universidad Favaloro y del Instituto de Neurología Cognitiva de Buenos Aires (Ineco).

Es frecuente que la creatividad aflore en momentos inesperados. Foto: LA NACION / ilustración / Carlos Bonardi

Es frecuente que la creatividad aflore en momentos inesperados, cuando la mente se relaja. «Cuando el cerebro está offline, sigue procesando información», agrega Manes. «Hay un procesamiento interno que no siempre es consciente. Por eso, la respuesta surge en los momentos menos pensados, a pesar de que estemos haciendo otras cosas», coincide la licenciada María Aranguren, psicóloga y becaria del Conicet.

El doctor Esteban Mongiello, psicólogo del equipo de Adineu (Asistencia, Docencia e Investigación en Neurociencia), plantea que «se producen múltiples procesos en vastas redes neuronales que tejen nuevas asociaciones en el cerebro».

Steve Jobs lo dijo: «La creatividad consiste simplemente en conectar cosas». Si es así, entonces, ¿hay situaciones que favorezcan estas «conexiones» cerebrales?

LOS MEJORES MOMENTOS PARA CREAR Continuar leyendo «¿Cuáles son los momentos del día más creativos?»

The Emerging Mind: How relationships and the embodied brain shape who we are

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Renowned academic, author, and director of the Mindsight Institute Dan Siegel, visits the RSA to reveal an extremely rare thing — a working definition of the mind.

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Study: Adaptive Working Memory Training Can Reduce ADHD-related Off-Task Behavior | SharpBrains

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«One rel­a­tively recent devel­op­ment in the realm of ADHD treat­ments is work­ing mem­ory train­ing. Work­ing mem­ory (WM) refers to the abil­ity to hold and manip­u­late infor­ma­tion in mind for sub­se­quent use and is crit­i­cally impor­tant for a vari­ety of learn­ing activ­i­ties. For exam­ple, when a child is asked ques­tions about a story he has read, work­ing mem­ory allows the child to retain and review the story infor­ma­tion in mind to answer the ques­tions. In doing men­tal math, work­ing mem­ory is used to hold the dig­its in mind and manip­u­late them, e.g., add or sub­tract, to gen­er­ate the answer.»

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Your Brain on Marketing (What Happened to the $ Sign on Menus?)

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Why are we so susceptible to marketing? Why are our desires, habits, and opinions so easily molded by advertising and propaganda? We don’t know the answer to this question, but the answer lies within the architecture of the brain. While there are probably many different answers to this riddle, two may be of most relevance: imitation and associations.

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The Mechanics of the Brain (Interactive)

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An unprecedented research project in one Virginia community, the Roanoke Brain Study, uses a variety of games to explore how interactions and other factors shape our brains and decisions.
Check out this interactive to see what insights researchers can learn from these four behavioral games.

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Jane McGonigal: The game that can give you 10 extra years of life | Video on

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TED Talks When game designer Jane McGonigal found herself bedridden and suicidal following a severe concussion, she had a fascinating idea for how to get better. She dove into the scientific research and created the healing game, SuperBetter.»

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Brain-controlled: the user interface of the future | Digital Trends

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«Brain-computer interfaces are quickly becoming more advanced and accessible, and some of the ways they’re being used are truly mind-boggling.

Why toil with the pressing of buttons or tilting of joysticks when controlling something can be as simple as thinking about it? This kind of technology may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but in reality, it’s actually been around for decades. The development of electroencephalography (EEG) technology can be traced back to the 1920′s, but it wasn’t until recently that we figured out a way to use neurofeedback to control electronic devices. Nowadays, we can use brain-computer interfaces (BCI’s) to control everything from prosthetic limbs, to robotic arms, cars, and even things as simple as your computer’s cursor.»


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