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A walk along the shore provides so much subject matter for “street” photographers.  Just like on a city street, you’ve got to have a bit of speed, a bit of luck, and be a bit brave. It’s a bit easier though than the city, as people on the beach are relaxed and playful.


I wasn’t sure the lettering would be visible on the fire pit as the sky was extremely bright. The Fuji Xpro pulled through. Shots like this are a quick camera up, camera down, as you certainly don’t want to spend too much time composing or you’ll surely be noticed. Later I realized no one was really bothering to look my way. I felt brave at the time though.

Caution Hot! B&W

The evening hours provide nice contrast between the sky and silhouettes of  people. The Fuji Xpro metering is so reliable, I know exactly what I’m going to get before each shot. It wasn’t blasted out by the heavy sun on the horizon, even though my eyes were.

Second Thought

I have a polarizing filter almost permanently affixed to my lens. With the Xpro’s ability to handle higher ISO, I never worry about losing the extra stop or two of exposure. It makes shooting into the sun easy and reduces glare.

People Watching

Even with a lot of subject matter, it still takes a lot of time and patience to come across something interesting. One must be careful not to start photographing clichés. Head Honcho

There is a different mood depending on whether the beach is empty or full. Both scenarios are challenging in different ways. Surprisingly a full crowd of people can sometimes be more difficult to blend in to. With so many people at the beach, a single photographer walking around taking photos of people can seem awkward and notable. When things are less busy, people appear to be more relaxed, less on guard, and less interested in someone walking around taking pictures. Different personalities of people go to the beach at different times too. Agree to Disagree

There is often a fine-line between observing people versus being invasive into people’s relaxation or personal space. Get the shot, but be respectful. But get the shot. Pay attention to where the line is drawn.


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