Blogs And Pinterest As The Most Influential Recommendation Engines [Infographic]

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One of the most important aspects of social media, specially for small business using it as a marketing vehicle, is its power as a discovery and recommendation engine.

Social media as a recommendation engine
Infographic courtesy of JumpThru.

But in order to get to that point, your content gets distributed and shared around the web. It gets in front of people as a recommendation from a friend. As digital word-of-mouth.We know people trust a recommendation from a friend more so than any other message they get bombarded with during the day. This is based purely on trust.Trust drives action. Now, can different media vehicles carry more trust and more influence than others?

Do people trust a recommendation more when the message is delivered via Facebook than when it does from Twitter or vice versa?According to this Infographic from JumpThru, the vehicle matters.I agree to some extend. I think the main reason people are more open to get a recommendation from certain platforms than others is simply due to how they perceive those platforms.

I said this before. Facebook users spend more time than in any other website, however, their focus is mainly in connecting with friends and family (which is clearly reflected on the Infographic), not on finding cool products or deals.Pinterest users on the other hand, are there to find cool stuff. They are open to get a recommendation. I’m not sure that it is based only on trust.As you will see in this Infographic, Blogs are by far the biggest influencer when it comes to purchasing decisions. I attribute this to two factors:

  • One is that people approach blogs with an open mind to learn something about a particular topic

And how influential the blogger is. If this is an individual I trust in that specific niche, I am more likely to take a recommendation from that blogAnother important point, I think, is that if I recognize an individual as an authority in a niche, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t care if his/her recommendation came from Pinterest, Facebook or a blog post.

So what is the lesson here?

Good question. I don’t like looking at Infographics ’cause they’re pretty. This one in particular gives you a great idea of how different networks have different purposes. As a small business/entrepreneur, you should be able to identify these differences.Why? Simply because this will help you understand how your message should be delivered. For example, you can be much more direct in recommending a product on Pinterest while there are other networks where you focus on being resourceful.By the way, the fact that this survey was conducted with women only does not change the point made in this post. Also, I really don’t think the results in a mixed survey would be that different.

What do you think?

Do me a favor and share your thoughts about this, I really want to see what your take is.

Blogs are the most influential media for purchasing decisions

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