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Los documentos electrónicos en formato PDF gozan de una gran popularidad y se han convertido en el soporte perfecto para todo tipo de documentación, eBooks, facturas, currículums, presupuestos e incluso cómics. Es posible que os sea más cómodo leer cómics en formato CBZ, o que contéis con algún dispositivo de lectura con soporte para este formato empleado para los cómics. Leer más “PDF to CBZ, convierte cómics en formato PDF a CBZ”

Cómo debería ser el CV de un líder de gestión de activos TIC

Adrienne Bernal  |  ticbeat.com


El rol de la gestión de las TIC está cambiando: ahora las empresas están buscando personas versátiles, capaces de demostrar sus habilidades en todas las situaciones, adaptarse a cualquier cambioque tenga la empresa y estimar los riesgos que puedan surgir en el futuro, sabiendo prevenirlos de forma eficiente.

Gracias a un listado de características de Gartnerahora sabemos el perfil exacto que buscan las empresas para poder contratar a las personas acertadas. Todos los candidatos exitosos tienen seis habilidades importantes que les hacen los líderes de la gestión TIC.

La comunicación es el primer punto importante y una cualidad imprescindible para cualquier gestor TIC. Debe saber comunicar con su equipo y otros equipos que tengan relación con su equipo, haciendo crecer la cooperación entre ellos y negociar para realizar nuevos procesos favorables para la empresa. Deben estar presentes en el proceso de toma de decisiones y negociar la política de organización y elaborar unos objetivos concretos para el equipo además de prioridades.

Los conocimientos técnicos del mánager del equipo TIC incluye el conocimiento sobre modelos de licencia, modelos de entrega de software y métrica es necesario. Los empleados TIC deben saber si las herramientas ya disponibles son suficientes para dar los datos que necesitan y poder especificar cualquier otro requisito. Leer más “Cómo debería ser el CV de un líder de gestión de activos TIC”

Content Marketing Zen: The 5-Step Process to Creating Remarkable Content


Kick-ass social media advice for the real entrepreneur.

5 Steps to creating remarkable content

This is a guest post by Gregory Ciotti, founder of Sparring Mind.

It likely comes as no surprise to you that content marketing is on the rise.

From getting more exposure to your business to creating a ‘cult of personality’ that later serves to drive an entire business, creating remarkable content is the surest road to generating brand exposure and creating goodwill among prospective customers.

The question is then, just how does one go about creating content that is “worthy of remark“?

Most of us know great content when we see it, and can even create some ourselves from time to time, but it can be tough to envision what our “process” really looks like if we haven’t though about it.

Today I’m happy to introduce you to what I call the “Content Marketing Zen” process of creating remarkable content.

I’d like to think this 5-step process cuts out the fluff and time-wasting stages of creating great content, and gets down the essentials of researching, positioning, forming, creating, and promoting of the kind of content that builds businesses.

So let’s get into it! :)

Visualizing the Content Marketing Zen Process

I love it when information (of any variety) gives me a breakdown of what I’m about to learn.

This introduction prepares me for key points and keeps me interested, when I’m faced with a wall of text, I quickly lose focus and interest (as I’m sure that you do).

That’s why I wanted to start off this post with a pretty little infographic that gives a great outline of the 5-step process of creating great content and prepares you for what you’re about to learn.

Feel free to share it on your own site by using the embed code below the graphic.

The 5-Step Process to Creating Remarkable Content

1.) Researching Your Content

“If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?”

— Albert Einstein

If you want to provide comprehensive, fresh, and unique content, you’re going to need to start with step 1: research.

Research typically entails gathering data for your post that you can present in a way that either generates new insight or compliments tactics that you are about to go over.

For instance, on my post covering how bloggers can use YouTube, I gave information on the growth of the YouTube userbase over the years.

In addition to this more “standard” form of research, I also sought out a variety of YouTube tactics from across the full spectrum of YouTube users, from large YouTube partners to companies using YouTube to even other blogger’s uses of the platform.

I did this research because although I had a fair amount of information to share about YouTube, I wanted to make sure I was covering things in a fresh perspective and that I was offering a complete picture for how to effectively use the platform.

Francisco himself offers us a great example of doing good “research” in his latest post onFacebook for WordPress.

I say “research” because I don’t want folks thinking that they have to dive into academic papers (like I sometimes do) or slog through a huge slew of boring statistical charts just to come up with new content.

Research simply means that you are taking the time out to be informed before posting.

In Francisco’s example, he gives a step by step analysis of all of the new features of the Facebook plugin for WordPress, goes over installation and even gives his final thoughts on its usefulness.

If you are going to create content that has massive amounts of utility (read: provides value), you must do your own due diligence to make sure the information you are about to publish is up to snuff.

2.) Positioning Your Content

When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.

— Dale Carnegie Leer más “Content Marketing Zen: The 5-Step Process to Creating Remarkable Content”

Blogs And Pinterest As The Most Influential Recommendation Engines [Infographic]


Kick-ass social media advice for the real entrepreneur.

One of the most important aspects of social media, specially for small business using it as a marketing vehicle, is its power as a discovery and recommendation engine.

Social media as a recommendation engine
Infographic courtesy of JumpThru.

But in order to get to that point, your content gets distributed and shared around the web. It gets in front of people as a recommendation from a friend. As digital word-of-mouth.We know people trust a recommendation from a friend more so than any other message they get bombarded with during the day. This is based purely on trust.Trust drives action. Now, can different media vehicles carry more trust and more influence than others? Leer más “Blogs And Pinterest As The Most Influential Recommendation Engines [Infographic]”

How To Determine Facebook And Twitter ROI [Infographic]

socialmouths, Kick-ass social media advice for the real entrepreneur

Is measuring ROI on Social Media a myth? Or have we been looking at it all wrong?

How to determine Facebook and Twitter ROI

I think at this stage, we are passed talking about vanity metrics like Followers and Fans and many businesses are starting to see that those numbers are not directly affecting their bottom line.

But wait… Leer más “How To Determine Facebook And Twitter ROI [Infographic]”

The State Of Social Media And Social Media Marketing 2012 [Presentation]

socialmouthsKick-ass social media advice for the real entrepreneur

The State Of Social Media 2012

Instagram passed the 50 million mark, Google+ reached 150 million, over 50% of Facebook users are active on a daily basis while it becomes the top ad-selling company and we continue to question its effectiveness, Mobile is becoming the new personal computer…

We read everything that happens with Social Media week after week from so many sources it’s not even funny.

It all goes so fast. Specially as we begin the second half of 2012.

The good thing is that Esteban Contreras from SocialNerdia, and the head of Social Media Marketing for Samsung Electronics America, has put it all together in one place so you can keep up with this madness. Leer más “The State Of Social Media And Social Media Marketing 2012 [Presentation]”

10 acciones tácticas utilizadas en twitter

Social Consulting Media | Consultoría de Marketing en Redes Sociales en Bilbao

Post creado por: Social Media Club

estrategias twitter nadie comentaAntes de poder hablar de Estrategias, es importante que conozcamos las plataformas a utilizar, qué podemos hacer con ellas, y que mejor que aplicar acciones concretas que nos ayuden a experimentar con lo que las redes sociales, en este caso Twitter, nos ofrecen. Hoy aterrizamos 10 acciones tácticas.

En este post te vamos a comentar 10 acciones tácticas que son comúnmente utilizadas pero no comentadas; conocerás las tácticas más generales que te llevarán a iniciar una presencia controlada en twitter; para que tú solamente las adaptes al giro de tu empresa. Leer más “10 acciones tácticas utilizadas en twitter”