How to Setup a WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes

I started my blog using WordPress and I have found it a platform that makes it easy to own and publish your own content online.How to Setup a WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes

It is the foundation to the success of this blog which currently receives over 300,000 hits per month.

If you’re looking for an easy way to create a web presence and start sharing your ideas online, the best way to do this is to create a blog. Millions of users around the world already express themselves and share their thoughts by means of their personal blogs.

The advantage of having your own WordPress blog that is self-hosted is that you own it.

It is good to have a Facebook “page” or a Tumblr blog but they are owned by someone else and you can have a web presence there but under their “Terms and Conditions” It is basically a rental.

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5 Top Marketing Tips for LinkedIn
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Once upon a time, networking meant going to conferences and getting out there and meeting people. LinkedIn, however, has made networking on a global basis much easier and effective, allowing users to network with people worldwide from the convenience of their own home or office.Top 5 Marketing Tips for LinkedIn

LinkedIn has quickly established itself as one of the top social networking sites for individuals and business owners who want to network with others, to widen their customer base, and to keep on top of what’s going on in their respective industries.

Succeeding at marketing with LinkedIn requires time and effort and trying the various methods for marketing with the popular social networking platform is important to find what works for your business.

1. Sell Your Skills.

Whether you opt for an individual or a company profile, your profile is the best way to market your product or service and to sell your skills. A LinkedIn profile is essentially an extended resume that includes a photo and recommendations from others. Fill it out completely to get the most of it from a marketing perspective.

2. Have others Sell You.

One of the most effective ways to win new business is to get recommendations from colleagues and current and former clients. LinkedIn allows you to request recommendations for each position in which you’ve worked and for your college experience. To take full advantage of marketing on LinkedIn, gather as many recommendations as you possibly can.

LinkedIn Recommendations

3. Position Yourself as an Expert.

LinkedIn offers an ideal platform to position yourself as an expert in your field or industry. In addition to individual profiles, LinkedIn allows users to post company profiles. Ideally, if you run a business, you’ll have one of each.

People want to work with experts in their respective fields. To build your credibility and share your expertise, become active in answering questions in LinkedIn’s “Question and Answer” section. Every question you answer will become a permanent part of your profile, allowing connections and others to see your wealth of knowledge.

Be sure to also join related groups and start answering members’ questions.

LinkedIn Groups

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Las dimensiones de las imágenes que deben tener nuestros perfiles en las redes sociales

images (11)

En cada red social hay unas medidas estandard que son las más adecuadas para cada red social. Para sacar el máximo rendimiento a nuestras imagenes la gente de Bop Design ha desarrollado una infografía que es como una especie de hoja de atajos, con las medidas de las imágenes permitidas en las redes sociales más importantes:

Timeline: 851×315 pixels
Perfil (Imagen/Icono): 200×200 pixels

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Aprendamos a usar el porqué, porque, por qué y por que


Por Úrsula Velezmoro, correctora y lingüista.

A continuación, algunos consejos para su empleo.


Porqué es un sustantivo que significa ‘causa o motivo’. Se usa precedido de determinante y su plural esporqués.

• Se usa para introducir la causa de la acción designada por el verbo principal (conjunción causal).

  • Aunque es poco frecuente, también se emplea con sentido equivalente a para que. En este caso se admite su escritura en dos palabras.

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ComScore: Android tiene el 51% del mercado en USA

Android sigue siendo el que domina el mercado en términos de número de terminales colocados en el público. Según ComScore estaría a punto de alcanzar el 51% de cuota de mercado en Estados Unidos, en España ya subiría (dramáticamente) hasta el punto en que el 72% de todos los smartphones existentes en este país llevan Android.

Me parece normal, realmente, la diversificación que tiene Android es abrumadora, haciendo que haya uno para todos los bolsillos. Samsung sigue siendo el fabricante dominante de Android, haciendo que su nombre sea asociado de manera inmediata al SO de Google.

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Self-employment: seven steps to success

Self employed need public liability insurance

  • By Rosie Beasley |

Self employed entrepreneurs need the right business insurance

Climbing out of your comfort zone is always a big step, but the rewards of setting up as self-employed persuade thousands every year to go it alone.

Autonomy, hours to suit and the chance to steer your own career are just part of the attraction. Success however needs a firm foundation, so before you take on the big boys, make sure you’ve crossed your ‘t’s, covered your back and polished up your permits.

1. Plan for perfection

Even if you plan to work alone on a freelance basis, you should still treat your new situation as a business – therefore a good business plan is essential. Setting out exactly what you’ll be doing, who your target customers and competitors are, how you’ll promote yourself and where you hope to be in five years time will help you think strategically, and address any weaknesses in your plan before they become problems. You should also try and forecast what your expenses will be and how much revenue you’ll need to turn a profit.

Bank managers or other investors will need to see this business plan if you want to raise money – and in this case you should also detail exactly how much money you’ll need, what it will be used for, and how quickly they can either have it back or start to see returns.

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Guía rápida de Google Adwords (#infografías) | By jose luis

Infografías Socialmedia Network

Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business)