Microsoft previews new Metro website


Microsoft has released a preview of a new Metro version of its website. The new website features a streamlined look, including Metro-style tiles, large text and an easier navigation options.ms11111

The tiles and large text will likely appeal to users with touchscreen devices, as links will now be easier to select without zooming in. Microsoft had previously redesigned its website to its current look featuring Metro-style tiles last January, although the current site lacks large text for more touch-friendly navigation. Users can provide Microsoft with feedback on the new design by visiting the preview and clicking the scrolling “Feedback” button on the right side of the page.

Microsoft is also expected to launch a Metro-style redesign of its Hotmail service later this year. As with the new homepage, the new Hotmail will appeal to both desktop- and touch-based users with its new design. Additionally…, Bing‘s homepage also received a Metro-style overhaul late last month. With Windows 8 and Windows RT launching sometime around October, it’s likely Microsoft is preparing all its services to feature a Metro interface in preparation for its new operating system launch.

Via: LiveSide
Source: Microsoft

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