Big Data + Social + Customers = Some Serious Mojo | By Keith Paul

Last week, I had the great honor of being part of the Grand Re-Opening of EMC’s Silicon Valley Executive Briefing Center in Santa Clara. Part of a renewed perspective in how @EMCcorp creates conversations with our customers, this new EBC has a modern and welcoming look-and-feel. Moving away from traditional board room layouts, EMC has moved to new, casual spaces appointed with comfy furniture to let us talk with customers, and not at them.

I’m particularly partial to the new Marketing Data Science lab that is at the heart of the rebooted EBC in Santa Clara. This lab is hosted in the space where the VMware-Cisco-EMC-backed Virtual Computing Company (VCE) was born. That *has* to be a good sign, right? Anyway, EMC data scientist Mike Foley is building a team to lead this effort. I’ll be leading thinking around how Mike’s team gets social data into the mix. Very exciting stuff!

MIke Foley and I put the new EBC space to good use, mapping out how we pull Twitter content into our data analysis.

There was a lot of fun too, leveraging the exciting work we’re doing with the Attensity Command Center to analyze social media conversations around the US Open, EMC’s customers and “big data.”

Stay tuned to this blog as I’ll chronicle the development, successes and challenges experienced in this lab. If you’re near Santa Clara and interested in checking-out the actual facility, shoot a tweet to @JohnD_Morley. He’d love to have you.

In the meantime, here’s some eye candy from the Command Center:

Attensity Social Media Command Center Volume Chart

Attensity Social Media Command Center

Attensity Social Media Command Center Player Breakdown

The screens, deployed now at the EMC EBC (say that 3 times fast) in Santa Clara, CA, show up-to-the second, dynamic reports including a live conversation stream, volume reports, and geographical distribution of social media contributors posting comments about the tournament, key sponsors, and other EMC topics.

Attensity Social Media Command Center Rose Chart

Attensity Social Media Command Center Detailed Report

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