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“If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile already, do it today. Everybody should have a LinkedIn profile,” Jordan Tommy Jordan, Vice President of Resume Bear.

LinnkedIn Connections

At first LinkedIn can seem overwhelming to new users so here are some tips:

Use Some Shortcuts.

You can upload your resume in order to fill in your profile.

Import connections from your email or type in email addresses to find people. Use the people you may know tab to find connections.

Get Creative With Your LinkedIn Headline.

“Although listing past experience and education is extremely important, your headline is the most important section of your LinkedIn profile. Your headline is the first thing people will see when you pop up in search results, and a lot of people just leave theirs as the default (your current or last position title),” Heather R. Huhman, Founder & President of Come Recommended said.

LinkedIn Headline

Huhman’s headline is a great example. Instead of “Founder and president of Come Recommended.” It says, “Gen Y Career Expert | Content Marketing & Digital PR | Prolific Writer.” It gives people a taste of her personal brand.

Network. Network. Network.

Networking on LinkedIn and IRL are essential to being successful in the business world. Networking is all about mutually beneficial relationships.

“For example, if you want a recommendation from the president of an on-campus group you worked with, write a recommendation for him or her first! It’s a great way to build good karma and get others to return the favor.” Huhman said.

Interact with Your Connections

The amount of connections you have is important, but so is the quality of the connection. Make sure you are interacting with your connections.

“A connection on LinkedIn is not very effective if they don’t remember you. So send messages and thank you notes, anything that will help build that relationship.” Jordan advised.

Take LinkedIn Beyond the Job Search

LinkedIn can be more than a way to find a new job. You can use it to keep in touch, share articles and information, find like minded people, pitch stories to reporters and so much more. The people you interact with are called connections for a reason, stay connected.

“LinkedIn has helped me stay in touch with my extensive network and find great candidates for open jobs at my company. We also use it to help clients connect with important people, such as reporters and analysts, in order to strengthen their relationship with the individual,” Huhman said.

Use Your Smartphone to Stay Connected

LinkedIn Smartphone Connections

You can connect with people right after you meet them using your smartphone. You can also scroll through the people you may know section on your smartphone while waiting in line or while watching TV.

You can also get updates fron LinkedIn instantly on your phone. It’s nice not to make people wait for you to accept a connection request.

Download the android LinkedIn app here.

Keep Trying

“The job search process is difficult and can be very discouraging at times. It is important to keep your head up and stay focused. Use every tool that you can lay your hands on. Stay active don’t give up. Don’t be afraid to branch out and create new relationships.” Jordan said.

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