Google’s Brand Value Slips Again, While Facebook’s Soars 74% |

Frank’s taking a needed break today, so you’re stuck with me. Remember me?

Of course, it doesn’t take much to get me back in the saddle, especially when a report is released about branding. ;-)

MillwardBrown has released its annual BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Brands in 2012. Among the findings are two little nuggets that caught my attention.

First up, news that once again Google has slipped in its rankings. Just two years ago,Google was the top brand on the list, but this year its gradual decline continues, with a drop to #3. I know, I know, that’s still pretty impressive, but a drop two years in a row sure does look like a trend to me. In fact, Google is dangerously close to being overtaken by McDonalds!

Also worth noting is Facebook’s meteoric rise up the charts. A whopping 74% increase in brand value sees Facebook “liking” its #19 rank in the report… When you dig deeper and look at how each brand is doing with its positive social media mentions, Facebook tops the list, beating out Google, Apple, eBay et al.

Now, you could argue that Google is just going through the normal stages of a company that matures and becomes larger. The shine comes off a little bit, and we look for the next hot brand to throw our weight behind.

Facebook would certainly fit that role, and with an IPO barely a week under its belt, it’s no wonder we still love its brand. You’d be making a valid point, until you consider that Apple still ranks #1 on the list–hardly a startup.

Want to read the (lengthy) report? Head here. For those with better things to do, here’s the obligatory infographic. Yay! :-PPerhaps Google has just become, you know, vanilla. We use the search engine everyday, the company has not “wow’d” anyone in a while, so any missteps become more obvious. In other words, Google’s buzz tank is a little empty these days, while Facebook’s is full of high octane.


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