Briggs & Stratton unveils its new QR code-based operator manuals

QR Code

Industry first missing guidebook solution based on mobile technology for ease of finding engine information.

Briggs & Stratton has just launched a new solution involving serialized QR code labels that will provide a first-ever opportunity for individuals to obtain the information in their misplaced operator’s manuals for everything from lawnmowers to snow blowers.

Their hope is to use mobile technology to end the frustration of the missing documents…

This follows close on the heels of another announcement that had been made by the company regarding the initiation of its phased rollout of quick response barcodes on engines that are manufactured to be used within North America.

The new serialized QR code labels let smartphone using homeowners gain access to information that is specific to the engine on their product. The first models of engines featuring the labels will be on the 550e and 550ex Series from the company. This June, there will be labeling phased in for a number of other popular engine models for its North American product lineup.

This new label is created for ease of scanning and will be positioned on the engine so it is easy to find.

According to the Briggs & Stratton product manager, J.P. Benjamins, “Once you scan the QR code with your smart phone, you will be directed immediately to information that is specific for the engine that’s on your mower. Searching for your model will not be necessary.”

When the code is scanned, the user is redirected to a customized and mobile optimized website that contains information that is specific to that engine. It includes various documents and features such as a dealer locator tool that uses GPS to find the nearest location, an illustrated parts list that makes it easier to find their numbers, the operator’s manual itself with the operations and maintenance instructions for that specific engine, and a click to call customer service option.

In order to bring this QR code feature together, the company created a team that included members to represent its IT, sales, marketing, and operations departments. This allowed the barcode to offer more than static, general content about the company’s offerings.

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