10 happiest companies for young professionals


Feel like you’re too young to be so cynical about work? Consider a job with one of these 10 organizations that Forbes highlights as the happiest companies for young professionals.

Forbes also looked at the 15 richest fictional characters, from C. Montgomery Burns and Scrooge McDuck to Jed Clampett and Bruce Wayne. All told, these 1 percenters have enough money to provide everyone on the planet with $30.

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Speaking of Bruce Wayne, check out this viral “Wanted” campaign to tease the upcoming installment of the Batman franchise, “The Dark Knight Rises.”

If we could actually cash in on the money Batman and his wealthy pals hold, I’d donate my $30 to fund a new Obama campaign mantra. Judging by the response to his new reelection slogan, “Forward,” I’d guess our President wishes he could rewind and do it over. At least he has the First Dog on the trail, too. 

It would be best for you to also rewind if this cartoon by Rob Cottingham is anything remotely close to what you think of when it comes to “pinning.” As it says, “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.”

And if you’re not using Twitter in these five ways to make the online network your most powerful social media tool—such as pocketing the best articles you notice in your feed to save and return to later—than you’re doing it wrong, too.

As for Facebook, inspired by dinners with his med-student girlfriend and a friendship with late Apple founder Steve Jobs—whose life was extended by a liver transplant—CEO Mark Zuckerbergintroduced an organ donor option to the users Timeline.

Facebook walls aside, it was a paint project on Carrol Caldwell’s real walls and her passion for typography that inspired the graphic designer to launch her startup Wall Words. OPEN Forumshares her story as well as her keys to success. New businesses might want to consider these tips.

Meanwhile, Advertising Age is sharing the story of celebrities who got their start in commercials or the business side of the ad industry. According to the story, adland might be the fast track to fame.

For those interested in the fast track to inebriation, Anheuser Busch is stopping at nothing to push its Bud Light Lime brand (Lime-A-Rita) on thirsty consumers—and it’s just in time for Cinco de Mayo.Guyism compares its product positioning in the marketplace to “the Crayola crayon box you had as a kid which contained both ‘yellow-green’ and ‘green-yelllow.’” Basically, it’s confusing.

I don’t know how to describe Jay-Z’s design for the debut logo of Brooklyn Nets, but judging from its black and white colors, comparing it to a box of crayons probably won’t do the trick.

Perhaps Mr. Z could consult little Blue Ivy on her impressions of Dad’s creation. According to Dr. Elizabeth Spelke, a self-professed studier of babies, infants and toddlers are quite clued in to their visual surroundings.


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