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“To stand out from the masses and to reach their audience, professionals and companies must focus on relevant content to be able to engage efficiently.


Social media influencers have become new channels of information and new web publishers or content curators.


Knowing that their leadership is largely dependent on the quality and value of how they engage, they deserve special attention.


The content that they disseminate via the web and social media must meet specific criteria and respect the “5 W rule”: Who, What, When, Where, Why.


1) WHO is target for the message?

Build on the relevant and personalized message…


2) WHAT is the value of the message?

Give priority to rich content and quality of experience…


3) WHEN should the message be distributed?

Adapt the message for different contexts…


4)WHERE should the content be disseminated?

Vary the content sources to benefit from all formats…


5) WHY choose one tool over another?

Select appropriate tools according to their needs…”



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