LinkedIn Rolls Out New Targeted Follower Tools For Marketers

LinkedIn will launch two new functions for companies who have followers on LinkedIn, both of which will be of interest to marketers and advertisers: “Targeted Updates” and “Follower Statistics.”Targeted Updates will allow companies to segment their followers by a range of variables such as industry, seniority, job function, company size, non-company employees, and geography. Companies will be able to send different status updates to different groups of followers, LinkedIn vp/North American ad sales Jonathan Lister told us.

Follower Statistics will essentially be an analytics dashboard that will allow companies to see how effective their updates have been.

Initially, only a handful of companies will be using the new products: AT&TSamsung Mobile, Dell and Microsoft. The new products will be rolled out systemwide in the coming months.

Lister says 70 percent of LinkedIn members follow or would follow companies on LinkedIn, and roughly two out of three LinkedIn followers would follow companies “indefinitely.”

The new tools are about “driving media efficiency [and] creating direct and lasting relationships with their audience” for marketers, Lister said.

Here’s a screengrab of the new Targeted Updates menu (click to enlarge):


Linkedin follower statistics



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