Twitter Can’t Beat Facebook

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Hardcore Twitter users, I know you’re a loyal bunch (in fact, I consider myself one of you). So don’t take this personally. This article is about Facebook and how it is either going to destroy Twitter, force the microblogging service to change or make it an aquisition target by a rival, such as Apple or Google.

Or so says David Clarke, CEO of BGT Partners, an independent digital agency. Clarke says Facebook exposes key flaws with Twitter, including its 140-character limit on messages, as well as Twitter’s own trouble generating consistent revenue streams, which we previously reported on.

In Clarke’s world, the pure scale of Facebook and the limitations of Twitter make the beloved service “obsolete.”

“This character limit is wearing thin as consumers expect richer and more robust content that’s easy to access,” Clarke said. “Twitter existing by itself and generating enough revenue to become a substantial business model will be a struggle. It’s much more likely that ultimately Twitter will be taken over by Google, Apple or Facebook.”

This isn’t to say that Twitter isn’t likable: As Arianna Huffington has said, Facebook and Twitter and other social networks have created a new trend, where “self-expression has become the new entertainment.”

This is about Twitter not being profitable, a prospect that probably won’t change as long as it keeps getting lumped in the same sentence (and same realm of competition) as Facebook.

And, sure, Facebook is trying to mimic Twitter’s success with advertisement click-through rates, but brands are still struggling to monetize Twitter pages and most of the potential revenue-generating ideas are being seized by third-party companies.

Twitter made a few key fumbles along the way, including its well-intentioned move of opening up its API to third-party developers. The end result has been that those developers are making money off of doing everything, from developing apps for posting tweets that work better than Twitter’s own interface to analyzing data and tweets around big news events.

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