Designer handbag can charge a phone while on the go


We’ve already seen Vodafone UK’s branded taxis giving London consumers a way to charge their mobile phones while on the go. Now, the company has partnered with designer Richard Nicoll for a similar purpose, but with a very different method. Specifically, a new handbag introduced by the designer at London Fashion Week earlier this year includes technology that can charge the user’s smartphone.

Vodafone and Nicoll entered into a partnership last summer, and the latest result is a new phone-charging handbag, which can reportedly charge BlackBerry, iPhone and Android devices. Users need only charge the bag from a traditional outlet while at work or at home using an inductive charging cable that attaches to the outside of the bag, according to a report in The Telegraph. Once that’s done, the bag can reportedly charge handsets and tablets alike for at least two days via a retractable cable installed in the bag’s pocket. There’s even an LED light on the bag’s Bluetooth-enabled charm that flashes to indicate incoming calls, phone notifications, and battery life, a WIWT report notes.

No word yet on pricing or availability of Nicoll’s bag, but we’re betting tech-minded stockists are lining up now. Retailers around the globe: how about you?

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