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Leading marketing technology company, SpyderLynk, the creator of the SnapTag, has officially received its U.S. patent approval for its SnapTag two dimensional barcode technology, with Patent No. 8,094,870, which was called “Encodingand Decoding Data in an Image”.

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SpyderLynk’s U.S. patent was issued on January 10, 2012. According to the founder and CEO of the company, Nicole Skogg, “We’re delighted to reach this next step in our business evolution.” She added that “By securing the U.S. patent for SnapTag, our solution is now officially recognized for its unique value and as a key differentiator in the marketplace”, and that “We’re delighted to reach this next step in our business evolution.”

Skogg also stated that now that the patent has been approved, the company will be defending its technology with diligence in order to make sure that their stakeholders’ investments are all protected, as they have been “great supporters” of the SpyderLynk business model and have heavily championed their technology.

The SnapTag is different from the more traditional two dimensional barcode…

the QR Code, in that it can be fully branded with icons or logos, as opposed to being limited to the light and dark squares in a box that needs an app in order to be scanned. On the other hand, a SnapTag can turn a brand’s logo into a tool for interactive marketing.

SnapTags can create a full interactive and engaging brand experience for consumers. They can be used for a single level experience or across several media platforms to provide a fuller brand impression. Different marketing campaigns are also customizable for various consumer segments and can cross several channels.

All that is required in order to use a SnapTag is a camera phone. This launches an interactive dialogue over the mobile device, instead of a redirection to a website, as is the case when a QR code is scanned. Moreover, the smart marketing platform at SpyderLynk gives marketers the chance to deliver mobile campaigns that are both highly targeted and that provide results that can be measured with precision.

These mobile marketing tools are designed to be used with brand marketing social campaigns, commerce, and couponing campaigns hosted on and developed by the marketing platform at SpyderLynk.

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