Today, type is getting more attention than ever before on the Web. What was once a barren wasteland of typographic creativity, dominated by a few overused gems and the likes of Comic Sans, is quickly growing into something that could even make a print designer jealous.

We’re on the cusp of the golden age of Web typography, and now’s better time than ever to start embracing the originality that surrounds our written language.

Tons of tools exist to bring typography to the Web, and CSS’s own @font-face class is all many people need, but in order to avoid licensing issues while having tons of choices at your fingertips, a subscription service may be best for you. Typekit, of which I’m a subscriber, has turned out to be much more than a pile of available fonts, and after some digging I came across a curated list of typefaces that are worth a look for newbies and pros alike:

Alternatives to Helvetica

helvetica Not sure what font you’re after? Typekit Lists is a good place to start Helvetica is an iconic font that deserves the attention it gets. That said, it’s not good enough to avoid every other option out there, which is why this list of alternatives to Helvetica is worth some attention. You’ll notice Proxima Nova half way down, which is actually our body font here on TNW. Continuar leyendo «Not sure what font you’re after? Typekit Lists is a good place to start»