Influence: What Are Tools Like Klout Really Measuring?

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Influence: What Are Tools Like Klout Really Measuring?
This is part of a series of posts based on excerpts from The Realtime Report’s Guide to Influence…

Personal influence measurement tools measure and analyze your activity on social networks, and how other users interact with you, by examining variables such as:
Reach: the number of fans and followers you have and, in some cases, the reach of your fans and followers
Follower ratio: how many people follow you and how many you follow
Activity: how frequently you post status updates
Engagement by others with your content: how many re-tweets, likes and comments your posts get; how many different people engage with your content; how far your content travels
Your engagement with other people’s content: how often you comment, retweet or interact with other people’s content
Semantics: keywords and topics that appear most frequently in the content that you generate, and which gets the most reactions from others
Your network: the users that follow you are most likely to engage with your content, and the users with whose content you are most likely to engage
Ratings from other users: some platforms have added the ability for users to rate each other’s expertise or authority in certain topics, adding a human layer to the score 


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Lo importante es el camino que recorremos, las metas son apenas el resultado de ese recorrido. Llegar generalmente significa, volver a empezar!