Google wants a faster Chromebook

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Google is reportedly planning to upgrade its current lineup of Intel Atom-powered Chromebooks with Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors.
The devices run a stripped down operating system known …


Besides performance, both Google and end-users are undoubtedly worried about battery life. Hopefully, Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge will be up to current power-sipping expectations.

Of course, Google isn’t only planning to refresh its Chromebooks with x86 processors. A number of reports indicate that Mountain View is currently prepping at least two new models that will feature RISC-based ARM chips.

ChromeStory recently spotted a Chrome-powered device dubbed “Daisy,” which may be either a Chromebook or Chromebox. Either way, the system comes loaded with Samsung’s Exynos 5250 – an ARM Cortex-A15 processor clocking in at a speedy 2.0GHz.



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