How To Send A Power Tweet That Increases Engagement by 400%


There is a Twitter tool that synergizes, feeds and enhances the Twitter and Blogging ecosystems that promises to make your tweets live longer and as a marketer and a blogger that sounds like something I may be “very” interested in!

The web is a seething mass of people sharing on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and they are monster networks with hundreds of millions of participants that drive billions of shares and tweets.

It is estimated that every 20 minutes on Facebook, 1 million links are shared and each month 30 billion pieces of content are posted.

On Twitter this hyperactivity continues with 1 billion tweets shared every week.

Underneath these social media giants sits secondary and tertiary social networks and applications that feed off their activity. These platforms provide niche communities with places to play, share and explore in an ever changing landscape of ecosystems that tempt you with features and tools that are designed to engage you and addict you.

Are You a Hyper Active Social Media Participant?…

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