Illustrator Tutorials Roundup – March 2012 | Blog

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I’ve put together an awesome selection of Illustrator tutorials, all dating from March 2012. Tutorials are one of the most researched design resources on the web and it’s essential when gathering any type of resource for your personal collection, to make sure they’re also recent.


This way, they’re compatible with the latest versions of computer software and keep you on top of the game, professionally. With this idea in mind, I hope to be lending you a helping hand with learning how to create retro hair and makeup styles in Adobe Illustrator, a tattered parchment, a city landscape at night, a vector political poster, a set of ribbon icons and much more!


Create an Inspirational Vector Political Poster


Autor: Gabriel Catalano - human being | (#IN).perfección®

Lo importante es el camino que recorremos, las metas son apenas el resultado de ese recorrido. Llegar generalmente significa, volver a empezar!