Box Launches Its Own Enterprise Cloud Operating Ecosystem

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Starting now, you’ll be able to download enterprise-class apps that directly use your cloud-based workspace, and build what is essentially a virtual desktop around that space. …

“We’re transitioning from a world where the enterprise, and all of your enterprise content, are within the confines of your network and with applications you control, to this world where you have the cloud, all these different applications and all these different devices, with their content scattered all over the cloud. What Box is introducing is a solution… that will bring all of that content to a single place.

By using Box OneCloud, we can leverage all of the applications that businesses want to use to run their business, and store the data in a single place.”

In recent months, consumer-driven storage services like Box and Dropbox have made very fast inroads into enterprises by way of iPad users who need to sync their files across devices. IT departments have been pushing back, looking to establish policies that forbid such services, since they often end up containing confidential files whose accessibility enterprises cannot control. 


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