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This week, I’ve been reading The King of Madison Avenue—an interesting biography of ad man David Ogilvy (aff).

I’ve always been fascinated with Ogilvy and see a lot in what he’s done as relevant to bloggers. So here’s some of his more famous quotes, with a few thoughts on how they relate to our medium.


1. “The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife.”

How appropriate—both for internet marketers (who are often known for tactics that treat those they target as morons) and bloggers (who can at times talk down to readers).
The idea of treating your reader as someone who you value, as someone incredibly special to you, will take bloggers a long way.
Another Ogilvy quote that relates: “Never write an advertisement which you wouldn’t want your family to read. You wouldn’t tell lies to your own wife. Don’t tell them to mine.”


2. “The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.”

I’ve been pondering this one a lot over the last 24 hours and it’s true—some of my best blog posts and projects have emerged out of light-hearted tweets or comments in conversations to friends.
31 Days to Build a Better Blog came about as I laughed with a friend about how bloggers needed a daily devotion (similar to what I grew up with as a good Christian boy reading Every day with Jesus) to keep their blogs on track.
7 Digital Camera Predators and How to Keep them at Bay started as a friend and I joked about things that conspired to kill our cameras.
It’s often the crazy little ideas that we have that first make us laugh that do best. If they get some kind of reaction in us (even one that makes us giggle at how silly they are), they’re likely to also get a reaction from others.


3. “Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ball park. Aim for the company of immortals.”

Think big! While there’s also something to be said for having realistic expectations about what you can achieve with a blog, there’s nothing wrong with having big dreams and aiming to make them a reality.
It can be a bit of a balancing act, but if you aim a little higher you might just find yourself achieving things with your blog that you might not have thought possible.


4. “I have a theory that the best ads come from personal experience. Some of the good ones I have done have really come out of the real experience of my life, and somehow this has come over as true and valid and persuasive.”

If there’s one quote in this selection that most rings true for me it is this one. The posts that I’ve written that have emerged out of real experience, pain, excitement, heartache, and life are the ones that time and time again hit the mark with readers.
Tell stories, share your successes and failures, be yourself, and let your own personal voice come out. You’ll find readers respond in a personal way, too.


5. “I don’t know the rules of grammar… If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think. We try to write in the vernacular.”

This might get up the noses of those of you who are a little more particular about grammar (and I do thank you for your continued daily emails pointing out my mistakes), but I think there’s something powerful about this.
Write your blog posts in the way that you’d actually speak to them if they were in the chair opposite you. Use language that communicates most clearly with them—even when it might not be the Queen’s English.
Of course there comes a point where grammar and spelling errors can and do get in the way of communicating clearly with readers. Don’t be lazy—the point is to know your readers and communicate in a way that’s relevant to them.


6. “Good copy can’t be written with tongue in cheek, written just for a living. You’ve got to believe in the product.”

I’m not sure I agree 100% with this as I do know bloggers who make good livings from writing about things that they have no real interest in or passion for. However, most successful blogs (and by that I mean more than profit, and am looking at blogs that connect with readers and help build a blogger’s reputation) are written by people who have something genuine to say about a topic they believe in.
While it’s possible to create a profitable blog on something you have no interest or belief in (by gaming the search engines for example), those kinds of blogs are never going to create a connection with readers or do much to raise your profile in an industry.
Conversely, bloggers who create blogs that come from genuine interest and passion for topics create connections with readers that have flow-on effects that lead to all kinds of wonderful opportunities.


7. “If you ever have the good fortune to create a great advertising campaign, you will soon see another agency steal it. This is irritating, but don’t let it worry you; nobody has ever built a brand by imitating somebody else’s advertising.”

There’s nothing more heartbreaking for a new blogger when you see your content being scraped onto another blog or your intellectual property being used by others without credit.
I still get upset by this from time to time, however there’s one thing that I’ve noticed despite hundreds of sites each day republishing my work without permission and/or credit. Nobody actually seems to read those blogs.
The key to successful blogging is unique and useful information. People who simply regurgitate what you write, or even repost it word for word, either eventually give up (because nobody reads it) or get caught out (and stop in disgrace).
While there are times when I’ve chased down others who blatantly steal my stuff without credit (there is a line) I find it much more beneficial to spend my time creating more great content than policing how people use what I’ve already produced.
Focus the bulk of your time upon producing and being the best you can be. This will have more positive impact upon your business than the negative tasks of stopping spammers and thieves stealing your old ideas.


8. “First, make yourself a reputation for being a creative genius. Second, surround yourself with partners who are better than you are. Third, leave them to go get on with it.”

This one might be a little more appropriate for advanced bloggers who’ve established themselves and are looking to take things to the next level.
There does come a time in most businesses where a solo entrepreneur needs to think about how to expand and grow beyond their own capacity to give their business personal attention.
There are only so many hours in the day. Expanding your team and/or partnering with others is one option to consider. If you do it, look for people whose skills complement and exceed yours, then get out of their way.


9. “Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.”

David was big on testing, and his effectiveness as a communicator improved dramatically as a result.
It’s amazing what you learn when you test different elements on a blog: simple tweaks of headlines, changes in calls to action, different placements of ads, tracking how design changes improve conversion of your objectives … the list could go on.
Great bloggers don’t just write content—they watch to see how people interact with it (and their blog) and use what they learn to improve their future efforts.


10. “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar. “

The headline or title of your blog post is the most effective way to get people to read the rest of your post. If you don’t understand—and more importantly, implement—this principle, you’re going to miss out on a lot of readers.
Headlines draw people in, whether they see them in search results, on Twitter, in RSS feeds, or on your blog itself.


Ogilvy is famous for his advice on this: the purpose of your headline is to get people to read your first line. The purpose of your opening line is to get people to read the next one. So invest time and energy into your titles (and opening lines).
Here’s a related quote: “The headline is the ‘ticket on the meat.’ Use it to flag down readers who are prospects for the kind of product you are advertising.”
What’s your favorite Ogilvy quote?

There are a lot more David Ogilvy quotes. Do you have a personal favorite?
Here’s one more that I personally don’t live by, but which I know for a fact a couple of other well-known and quite successful bloggers live by.
“Many people—and I think I am one of them—are more productive when they’ve had a little to drink. I find if I drink two or three brandies, I’m far better able to write.”

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The Future of Television | ANidea – powered by the minds at AgencyNet

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The end of remotes, the end of the cable box, and end of “dumb” one way video boxes… TV is about to reinvent itself. And it’s already happening.

Television hardware is currently experiencing a wave of innovation. Soon, people will be interacting with their TVs in more robust, interactive ways leveraging the capabilities of apps and new gadgets that promise to change the role of America’s living room staple.

We’ve broken down the key trends that will shape the future of television in the next few years.

Televisions are about to start acting a lot more like computers.

As with smartphones, apps will be key. While there are several app platforms already in place from the major set manufactures, the user behavior surrounding apps on TV has yet to be established. Consumers have yet to see the benefits of using apps on their TV’s.

However, a major push from television and device manufacturers aims to change this. Leading the charge are the game consoles.

This past fall, Xbox overhauled their interface to support apps. With this modification Xbox is bringing apps to a massive audience and helping consumers get comfortable with the idea of apps on their televisions.

The current Xbox dashboard allows for video streaming popular sites like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu. Deals with several cable providers (including Comcast Xfinity and ATT U-Verse) allow users to watch TV through the console itself. Ultimately this could eliminate the need for a cable box altogether.

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Redesigning With Personality in Web Design | Smashing Magazine

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Aarron explains how sharing our personalities can help us create lasting relationships with users, and how it can improve the bottom line of our business.

Whether the website is for a client or for yourself, if you’re struggling to find your way, it’s probably because you are starting from the wrong place. The inspiration you seek is not where you think it is. It’s not in a blog post entitled “25 Amazingly Beautiful Websites.” It’s not in your Twitter stream, nor on Facebook. It’s not even on the Web. It’s right there on your seat. It’s you.

Just for a moment, stop thinking about HTML semantics, CSS magic and jQuery tricks. Instead, ask yourself, “Who am I, and what do I want to say?” What do you stand for, what’s important to you, and who are you speaking to? Let’s make the answers to these questions the trailhead of your redesign journey.

We Web designers have many tantalizing tools at our fingertips, and because the Web is a large community centered on sharing, new ideas and fancy techniques enter our field of vision daily. But in this chapter, I would like to turn your gaze from those shiny objects and focus it on what we’re really trying to do with our medium. Our true aim is to communicate clearly and to create human connections.


We achieve that goal not by collecting bells and whistles for our next project, but by discovering who we are and what our message is. The interfaces we design are not walls upon which our users click and tap. They are windows through which we show the world who we really are. As we will see in the principles and examples to come, sharing our personality can help us create lasting relationships with the people who use our websites, and it can improve the bottom line of our business.


Personality will set your brand apart from competitors and help you connect with a passionate audience. Making personality central to the ethos of your redesign might sound scary, especially if you’re working with a big corporation accustomed to speaking like the Borg. But even the biggest corporations can communicate with a human voice. 

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Social Media Marketing and Blogging

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Helping business and personal brands with digital social media marketing including social media with Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Search Engine Optimization…

In the past few months many people have been arguing whether Pinterest is for men or for women and who’s using it at the moment.
But a recent Infographic from Mashable indicates that Pinterest is helping a lot of companies generate a lot of traffic.

This means, whoever you are, you need to use Pinterest if you want to generate traffic like these brands.


If you’re a new comer, to the world of internet marketing, Pinterest is a social media site that you need to create an account on.


Pinterest is a site that newcomers can thrive on.
One Key Reason Why New Comers can Thrive on Pinterest
On Pinterest all its users can see everything.
To be successful on facebook, you need a lot of fans and/or subscribers, on Twitter and Google+ a lot of followers, on Linkedin a lot of connections and so on.


On every social media you use, you first need to create a proper platform and an audience who will want to read your content or buy your products.
This can be a hard thing to achieve, especially if you are absolutely new and have no connections. This is something you don’t have to worry about on

Pinterest. As I mentioned above on Pinterest people can see everything Pin. 

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Market and Sell Your Digital Goods the Right Way

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In previous years, digital marketplaces have evolved significantly.

Day by day, more and more designers, developers, photographers and musicians of all levels have started to begin their experiences with marketplaces and selling digital files online. These ‘stock markets’ represent a good source of revenue for people of all skills, from beginners to advanced, that is why if you have not started your adventure with these places that are great for generating income, you should consider it right now. 

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Pointers on Building a Keyword List for Your Google Ads Campaign

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A good keyword list should be limited to between 5 to 20 keywords for each ad group. An important point to note is that you shouldn’t create keywords that overlap with other ad groups in your campaign.
There are four different keyword match types:

Broad Match – According to Google AdWords, a brad match creates variations when you search. Even when you search by different or similar keywords, you might see the ad. For example, with the keyword “running shoes,” your ad could appear in a search for running shoe, running, shoes, red shoes, running boots, etc.
Phrase Match – Phrase match allows you to reach people that search using your phrase,event if there other terms/phrases before or after your phrase. For example, the keyword “running shoes” could trigger your ad when users search for “red running shoes” or “running shoes red,” etc.

Exact Match – As the name suggests, exact match triggers your ad only when users search for the exact same keyword. For example, your ad would not show up when a user searches for “red running shoes” or “running red shoes” if your keyword is “running shoes.”

Negative Match – To control your cost, you can set the keywords that you don’t want your ads to show up for. For example, if you’re selling new clothes, you would not want your ad to appear when users search for used clothes.

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3 Tips For Last Minute Timeline Upgrades On Facebook

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Like it or not, all brand pages will have timeline this Friday. Here are three pointers for these last few days before the mandatory transition.

Add Milestones

Now that your history on Facebook is as much a focal point of your page as your photos are, getting your past history in order is vital. Take advantage of the feature called “milestones,” which appears above and to the right of the status update field, accompanied by a book icon.

When you add a new milestone, or give that designation to a past post, it stretches across both columns, amounting to just over 800 pixels. Make the most of this spotlight by including a big photo.

Customize Thumbnail Images…

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