12 Ways Demandforce Tools Can Help You

by Jennifer Rose

Last month, we introduced you to our new partner, Demandforce. This month, we’d like to tell you exactly how a small business owner like you can use Demandforce solutions in your everyday operations. If you run a service-based business and are hoping to automate your social media marketing efforts, streamline client communications, and build your brand, Demandforce has the tools for you. Check out these 12 ways Demandforce can make life easier.

1. Send Appointment Text or Email Confirmations

Demandforce helps you free up time by providing this simple but extremely helpful service to customers. These reminders minimize no-shows, meaning you can keep a full schedule on the books.

2. Customize Emails For Different Clients

Tailoring your marketing gets you the most success, but it also takes time. Using your client database, Demandforce lets you automate marketing emails sent to clients for special offers, newsletters, and even birthdays — a personal touch that makes you stand out above your competition.

3. Enhance Your Online Reviews

Word-of-mouth marketing is as powerful as ever, and online review sites are increasingly popular. Demandforce helps you shape your online reputation by increasing reviews from existing satisfied customers and distributing them across your website, Google, Facebook, Citysearch, and Bing.

4. Automate Facebook and Twitter Promotions

Facebook and Twitter are the biggest player in the social media game, so it’s important to stay active. You can use Demandforce to optimize your social media pages with appointment requests, special offers, etc., keeping you constantly connected.

5. Attract New Customers From Demandforce’s Network

Your business thrives on local customers, and you can find more by cross marketing to Demandforce’s large consumer network.

6. Conduct Market Research Quickly and Effectively

Demandforce sends customer surveys immediately after service to get instant feedback and let you know how and where you can improve.

7. Find Customer Email Addresses You Don’t Have

Demandforce Email Finder helps you fill in the holes in your address book to ensure each and every customer is getting your communications.

8. Encourage and Track Referrals

Demandforce lets you send communications embedded with a quick referral button. This shows you which customers are referring their contacts so that you can reward them directly—the ultimate in personalized service.

9. Easily and Effectively Track All Your Marketing Efforts

Demandforce helps you stay in constant communication with customers. Even better, it shows you the trends and results of your efforts, allowing you to optimize your ROI.

10. Take Care of Everything From Your Smartphone

With Demandforce Mobile, you can keep an eye on all of your efforts from anywhere you are.

11. Maintain Consistent Web Presence

Demandforce keeps your business profile accurate and updated across the web, helping you maintain a consistent presence.

12. Integrate Helpful Tools With Your Existing Website

No need for a total website makeover. Demandforce Connect for Websites let’s you install applications, such as appointment scheduling, to streamline operations.

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