The Blueprint for a Perfectly Testable Landing Page
Landing pages are composed of a group of definable elements. The building blocks presented below can be used as a guide when defining and creating a perfect landing page of your own!

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The Blueprint for a Perfectly Testable Landing Page

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How to Deal with Negative Feedback

by Alina Alison |

Businesses today need to listen to their customers. This is the reason why social networking sites and forums are very important since it gives companies the opportunity to interact with their customers. However, this also opens the door for negative feedback such as criticism. In these cases, most companies don’t have a clue how to react. The best solution is to turn the negative feedback into something positive. Here is how to do it:

Identify the Problem

Deal with Negative FeedbackThe first step is to identify the problem or issue. What is the main reason for the negative feedback? Is there a legitimate complaint that can be addressed? Can you come up with a solution to please the unsatisfied customer? Of course, there is a possibility that there is no legitimate complaint and it might merely be negative propaganda from another party like a business rival.

Humanize Your Answer

Do not become too defensive or just delete the negative feedback. Try to understand where the negative feedback comes from. Deliver calm and understanding response which shows that you are listening to your customers. Sometimes, this can spin the negative comments in your favour and impress both current and potential customers. Seguir leyendo “How to Deal with Negative Feedback”

Posting Frequency: High or Low?

English: Quantum frequency illustration to be ...
by Alina Alison |

One of the most common questions in blogging is how often to post new content. Also, is there such a thing as posting too often? So-called blogging experts have different opinions regarding the subject. However, it mostly depends on the particular type of blog along with the blog’s target audience and the kind of content for a particular post. In this article, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantage of high and low frequency of posting.

High Frequency of Posting

High frequency means posting about three or more times a week. This takes a lot of time and effort so it should definitely be worth it. Again, there are certain advantages along with disadvantages to doing this.
The advantages of high frequency posting include being current or up-to-date. This also has a lot to do with fresh content which is very important for rankings. High frequency posting allows the blogger to cover the latest topics that are in high demand. This means that more people will be interested in reading the blog. If posts only happen once a week, the big news will more likely be old news by the time the post is made.

On the other hand, high frequency posting also comes with certain disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages is the time necessary in maintaining high posting frequency. Also, most of the time, content quality suffers as posting frequency increases. Another common disadvantage is RSS overload. High frequency posting doesn’t just overload the blogger but it can also overload readers. Seguir leyendo “Posting Frequency: High or Low?”

How to Use Facebook to Increase Blog Traffic
by Alina Alison

With the rapid growth of social media websites in recent years, spreading awareness about your blog is now easier than ever. This year, experts agree that social media will become more popular than ever. This is the reason why you need to invest some time in social media websites before it’s too late. This is an opportunity that should not be ignored. The best place to start is Facebook which is the most popular social media website today. The last time I heard there were already more than 800 million Facebook users worldwide.

Once you are aware of the comprehensive power that Facebook holds, you need to move as soon as possible or strike while the iron is still hot. There are several ways that Facebook can be used to benefit a blog. Here are the best ways to use Facebook to boost the traffic of your blog:

Facebook to Increase Blog Traffic

Use Facebook as a Real-time Tool for Sharing

Use Facebook as an Extension of the BlogYour posts on social media platforms don’t always need to be about your company and products/services. You can also use it to share other information that can help your readers. This will help you create a good relationship with your readers which will increase trust and possibly result to new customers. This will also create a venue for discussion. Since your readers are able to connect with you and other readers, there will be a higher chance of visiting your blog in the future. Also, take note that “sharing” on Facebook is one of the best ways to increase traffic quickly. Just remember that you need to create something that is worth sharing. Seguir leyendo “How to Use Facebook to Increase Blog Traffic”

5 Ways Windows 8 Is Better Than iOS and Android

Semantic zoom is useful for navigating through the Start Screen, or in apps with a lot of different sections. Photo: Ariel Zambelich/Wired

When Microsoft revealed the “consumer preview” of Windows 8 on Wednesday, it didn’t just give the world a glimpse at a new OS — it also showed us that it can be a leader in touch-based user interface design. Yes, Microsoft’s new tablet UI isn’t merely utilitarian. It’s actually innovative, and even cool.

And in some ways it trumps the best that Apple and Google currently have to offer in iOS and Android, respectively.

Here are five of our favorite new Windows 8 features.

Picture Password

You can choose both the photo and its related gestures for your picture password. The more that’s going on in a photo, the harder your password will be to crack. Image: Christina Bonnington/Wired

We’ve known about Microsoft’s picture password feature in Windows 8 since its developer preview was unleashed in mid-September. But now that we’ve had a chance to give it a spin, we can definitely say it’s a fun, convenient alternative to other system unlocking methods. In a nutshell, you choose a photo for your lock screen, and then define three touch gestures to draw on top of the photo in order to unlock your device.

When Microsoft first detailed picture password, some were skeptical: Won’t evil hackers be able to figure out your gesture-based password based on the smudges you leave on the display? In a blog post,Microsoft said no: “Because the order of gestures, their direction and location all matter, it makes the prospect of guessing the correct gesture set based on smudging very difficult even in the completely clean screen case, let alone on a screen that sees regular touch use.”

In that same blog post, Microsoft provided a detailed mathematical explanation of why a picture-based password is every bit as secure, if not more so, than a PIN-based one. And independent security experts agree that the likelihood of someone being able to decipher the intent of smudges on your device is slim to none.

Of course, character-based passwords and number-based PINs are an old standby. Apple uses four-number passcodes in iOS. They’re quite secure, but not particularly innovative. Google is more creative with its unlock security, offering a facial recognition-based unlocking feature in its Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. This, however, has proven not to be so secure. In fact, it can be defeated if you hold up a picture of the Android device owner at the right distance from the display. Seguir leyendo “5 Ways Windows 8 Is Better Than iOS and Android”

Cómo hacer para no matar el entusiasmo

Según dos investigadores de la consultora McKinsey, los altos ejecutivos son especialistas en coartar la creatividad, productividad y compromiso delos empleados.
Un estudio realizado por dos investigadores de McKinsey, Teresa Amabile y Steven Kramer descubrió que de todos los acontecimientos que pueden entusiasmar profundamente a la gente en su trabajo, el más importante es hacer avances en trabajo significativo.

Los más mínimos avances – pequeñas batallas ganadas – refuerzan lo que los académicos llaman “la vida laboral interna”, que es el constante flujo de emociones, motivaciones y percepciones que constituyen las reacciones de una persona a los acontecimientos del día laboral. Además de afectar el bienestar de los empleados, la vida laboral interna afecta los resultados financieros, porque la gente es más creativa, más productiva, más comprometida con su trabajo.

Sin embargo, lo que importa no es cualquier tipo de progreso en el trabajo. El requisito fundamental es que el trabajo tenga sentido para la gente que lo realiza.

Los autores, que publicaron su estudio en un libro titulado “The Progress Principle”, dicen que por lo general los gerentes de todos los niveles menoscaban la significación del trabajo de sus subordinados mediante sus palabras y acciones cotidianas. ¿De qué manera? No dando importancia a sus ideas, destruyendo el sentido de propiedad sacando a la gente del proyecto en que trabajaba antes de que lo finalice y cambiando objetivos con tanta frecuencia que el trabajo nunca llega a su fin.

Admiten en el libro que un alto ejecutivo no tiene muchas oportunidades de afectar directamente la vidas internas de los empleados, pero deben recordar que la más mínima de sus acciones o dichos son intensamente observadas por la gente de todos los niveles. La instalación, entonces, de un propósito en el trabajo y reforzarlo con acciones coherentes para reforzarlo, debe provenir de la cima. 
Seguir leyendo “Cómo hacer para no matar el entusiasmo”

Las condiciones para ganar

Cada negocio afronta sus propios desafíos en el entorno económico incierto y turbulento de 2012. Se mencionan aquí dos sistemas de capacidades que ayudan a preparar el terreno para el crecimiento de los negocios y el desarrollo en casi cualquier sector de la producción.

En un período prolongado de debilidad económica, es fácil para los líderes de negocios concentrar su atención en los desafíos externos de macro nivel que tienen delante: inseguridad política y regulatoria, consumidores volubles, precios de los commodities en aumento y menor crecimiento del PBI en las economías emergentes. Cada sector, a su vez, tiene sus propios desafíos e incertidumbres. A las empresas farmacéuticas se les vencen patentes de medicamentos clave para sus ingresos; la industria química está cambiando por el florecimiento repentino del gas shale; la banca minorista ya no es más un negocio de altos márgenes y la industria aeroespacial comercial, el duopolio BoeingAirbus sufre con el surgimiento de nuevas compañías de China, Rusia y Canadá. Seguir leyendo “Las condiciones para ganar”

La fortaleza de los “lazos débiles”

Hoy todos están en los medios sociales y compiten entre sí para crear sus redes de seguidores en Twitter, amigos en Facebook y conexiones en Linkedin. Pero más que contar amigos, seguidores o conexiones lo que habría que hacer es averiguar cómo aprovechar mejor a los pocos que convienen.

En su columna en Chief Executive, Don Peppers cree que la mayoría de nosotros no somos muy estratégicos en cuanto a la mejor forma de aprovechar el enorme potencial de nuestras propias redes sociales.

Para el caso de una persona que busca empleo, por ejemplo, se sabe que recurrir a las redes es la mejor forma de averiguar dónde hay oportunidades, pero hay una manera más inteligente de usar la red aunque muchos no la adviertan. Hace unos 30 años, un estudio demostró de manera concluyente que los mejores avisos sobre oportunidades laborales suelen venir de amigos y colegas distantes, y no se los más cercanos. Esto no es porque los grandes amigos no nos den buenas recomendaciones, sino porque con los más íntimos usted más o menos comparte las noticias sobre oportunidades, algo que no ocurre con gente no tan cercana a usted.  Seguir leyendo “La fortaleza de los “lazos débiles””

New ‘Tello’ Feature Lets Consumers Talk Back to Businesses


Tello is an iPhone app and Android-friendly mobile site that lets consumers rate the local businesses they deal with. Sounds like Yelp? Not really. For one thing, Tello encourages brevity, not rambling reviews: You give a thumbs up or a thumbs down, plus a brief comment. For another, it lets you rate individual employees at a business, letting you alert folks about staffers who are uncommonly good or unacceptably bad.

And now Tello is launching a new feature called Business Replies that’s designed to turn its bottom-line ratings into a conversation between customers and companies.

If a company has signed up for Business Replies, Tello will let it see the comments that consumers have posted, plus analytical data about the responses. It can respond to consumers individually, either to resolve problems or just acknowledge that it’s listening.

Tello is offering a basic business account that lets a company receive replies for up to three locations, and doesn’t let it respond. But the ad-free service sees this new feature as a revenue generator: For $99 a month, larger retail businesses can cover more locations and send responses.

Tello doesn’t have any news at the moment about which companies it’s working with, but founder Joe Beninato told me that it hopes to sign up some major national chains in the months to come, and envisions them putting up signage encouraging customers to use Tello as a feedback forum. Seguir leyendo “New ‘Tello’ Feature Lets Consumers Talk Back to Businesses”

Top 10 Ways to Embed Video into a Web Page

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Since digital camcorders and video editing software became accessible to the large audience, it’s no longer a challenge for anybody to make a video. This fact underlies a lot of web trends, namely the sky-rocketing popularity of video sharing portals and widespread use of video content across websites and blogs.

A good piece of video can help you deliver your message more effectively, educate readers, stimulate discussion and get your brand going far beyond your own domain.

Happily, it’s not a problem nowadays to integrate a video into a web page, as there’s a lot of different tools to assist with this task. Some of them are free, others are pricey. Here is a roundup of the most popular means of web video embedment.

Embed Video into a Web Page

10 Ways to Embed Video into a Web Page… Seguir leyendo “Top 10 Ways to Embed Video into a Web Page”

8 tools to make your website for free

It’s the truth that sometimes we have to and want to produce web sites on a budget. It’s also true that sometimes we may just want to put up and create some sites for fun, so we don’t want to spend a ton of money on them.

Well fortunately, that’s where the web comes in. There are so many great technological advances that allow us to create and put up websites, not just on a budget but for free. From web design to development, there are all-free services that allow us to create PROFESSIONAL web sites, not just template-based sites reminiscent of the late 90s.

Today, we’ve picked 8 of the best sites to help you make your site—that’s right—everything is web-based and FREE.

The design

For many of us who are designers, we may start out with the design of the web site. It helps us visualize what we want where and gives us an idea how everything is going to be set up and work. Now many times designers will use programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Fireworks to create a layout. Below are three photo editing apps that I think are worth a try.

Phoenix by Aviary

What the developers say:

“From basic image retouching to complex effects, Phoenix delivers the key features of a desktop image editor with the simplicity and accessibility of a web-based application.”

What everyone is saying:

The way that Phoenix is presented to us is as a tool that is great for image manipulations and adjustments and similar. The great thing about Phoenix is it has many of the features that are found familiar in Photoshop, but are much simpler. Everything that is necessary is there and is a bit more intuitive than more complex software like Photoshop or even Gimp.

An added plus: Phoenix is created by Aviary, which has a plethora of other web based applications, such as a vector design application and video effects application. You are able to save your files on Aviary (as long as you’re a registered user) and you can easily open projects between applications. This is great for any designer or illustrator who wants to take their vector creation and make a website layout out of it. You are also able to import and work with PSD files.

The drawbacks of this application are there aren’t a ton of filters. This doesn’t matter much if you are just making basic changes to photos (crop, transform, etc.), but if you are here to create a more complex layout or design, you may want to try a different application. Also, Aviary saves your work by default under a Creative Commons license, so unless you make changes there, you are going to be sharing your work all over. It can also publish your work for all to see through the Aviary network, if you choose to. Seguir leyendo “8 tools to make your website for free”

Packaging Design Inspiration


Packaging design is a critical aspect of product development and can play a significant role in sales by capturing the attention and interest of customers. Products that feature effective packaging design are typically more appealing to customers than equal products with sub-par packaging. A high level of quality in the packaging often results in a higher opinion of the quality of the actual product by potential customers.

In this post we’ll showcase 30 examples of great packaging design for your own inspiration.


Packaging Design

Sweet Revolution Caramels

Packaging Design

Looks Good

Packaging Design


Packaging Design

Feijao Gourmet

Packaging Design

Square Mile Coffee Roasters

Packaging Design


Packaging Design

Herdade do Esporao

Packaging Design

Herdade do Esporao

Packaging Design

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Justificando los precios de tus diseños al cliente


por  |

Después de hablar sobre Ideas para mostrar trabajos y también sobreCuanto vale un diseño esta vez os quiero hablar sobre cómo creo yo que se puede o más bien se deben justificar los precios que se ponen, frente a un posible cliente al hacer un presupuesto etc..

Aunque antes me gustaría aclarar un cosa: estoy recibiendo muchos comentarios (unos buenos otros malos) que acaban mencionando algo de mi blog, este gran blog no es mío, ni mucho menos, es de Pedro Corchero, yo solo escribo algunas entradas.

Para realizar este artículo me voy a centrar básicamente en plantear preguntas y respuestas que me han surgido con el tiempo, a ver que os parece esta otra manera de escribir información, espero que os sirva.

Empecemos pues… Seguir leyendo “Justificando los precios de tus diseños al cliente”

How to Stay Alert & Refreshed: 6 Ways
Stay alertWe all know what it feels like to stay up too late and struggle to stay alert the next morning.

Some common causes for tiredness in the workplace are keeping odd hours, a bad diet, too much or too little exercise, caffeine addiction, alcohol abuse and, poor sleeping patterns.

It is important to first establish the reasons behind why we get tired because it can help determine the factors that need changing to combat the lethargy.

As you will see, altering your behavior will help change the results of the next day.

How to Stay Alert & Refreshed at Work

1. Healthy Diet

A healthy diet improves concentration and helps you stay alert, both mentally and physically. Not eating properly is one of the most common causes of sleepiness.

Often when our blood sugar is low, we become tired. A great preventative measure for this is to look for foods that keep your energy up for a longer amount of time.

Protein is great for energy that won’t make you sleepy while complex carbohydrates are a good choice for long lasting energy. Things like oatmeal and whole grain bread are ideal.

Avoid sugar. Although it gives you a little boost, when the sugar crash comes it will be harder to handle if you are already tired.

2. Drink Caffeine

If you hadn’t thought to have a cup of coffee yet, you must escape from the rock you live under immediately!

Although coffee can be just the thing you need, remember that too much coffee is a bad solution because it is addictive. If you start to need a cup of coffee to start your day it may be time to start reevaluating your diet.

Chinese Green Tea can be a great alternative that has many health benefits. Seguir leyendo “How to Stay Alert & Refreshed: 6 Ways”