10 Most-Followed Users on Pinterest

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118 Boards
13,921 PinsJane Wang is the single most-followed user on Pinterest — an impressive feat, even if her son is a co-founder of Pinterest. Wang maintains 118 boards across a broad array of subjects. Among the more quirky: “Small things that work very well” and an entire board for “Octopus.” (or octopi).

42 Boards
5,468 PinsChristine Martinez shares her Pinterest with her dog, Miles. Martinez’s boards are bright, graphic and feminine. We especially like her boards Wearable Wants S.S. and “Interiors I Dream Of.”

70 Boards
3,768 PinsIt’s no surprise Ben Silbermann made the top 10 list as he’s one of the co-founders of Pinterest. Silbermann’s boards focus on Pinterest’s more popular categories — such as home decor, DIY and gifts — catering to a more masculine and minimalist aesthetic.

50 Boards
2,129 PinsJennifer Chong is a graphic designer in Long Beach, Calif. Not surprisingly, Chong gravitates toward art, graphic prints and bold color. We especially like her boards for infographicstotes and stationary.

44 Boards
4,322 PinsJoy Cho is a designer and blogger in Los Angeles. Like Chong, Cho is attracted to bright, graphic colors andpatterns, as well as rich textures.

95 Boards
3,098 PinsEvan Sharp is a co-founder of Pinterest and a former architect. He has one of the more unusual profiles we’ve come across, filled with architectural sectionsmapsgigantic machines and history. Perhaps our favorite is one that illustrates the concept of beautiful complexity.

36 Boards
8,435 PinsMaia McDonald, a creative coordinator for Williams-Sonoma, is the seventh most-followed user on Pinterest. In addition to multiple boards for food, she has beautiful collections of artworkbedrooms and men’s style.

1,486 Pins
32 BoardsCaitlin Cawley is a Boston-based graphic design student who, like the other graphic designers that made this list, loves bright color and bold patterns — and J. Crew. Shoe lovers will especially like her “closet love”collection.

9. Mike D
16 Boards
3,526 PinsWe don’t know much about Philadelphia’s Mike D beyond what he pins. Be sure to check out his collection ofmapsmen’s apparel and “identography”.

29 Boards
1,641 PinsA self-described marketer, technology junkie and southern gentleman, Daniel Bear Hunley is also a collector ofmen’s stylebranding and garden design inspiration.

Zoomsphere has released a list of the 10 most-followed users on Pinterest. The most popular user? Co-founder Ben Silbermann’s mom, Jane Wang.

Although Pinterest has not been able to confirm that the account is in fact run by Silbermann’s mother, we do know that is his mother’s name. A look at her Facebook profile, which is linked to her Pinterest profile, further indicates Wang’s identity: She is friends with several other members of the Silbermann family, including Ben, and is a fan of just about everything Pinterest on Facebook. Interestingly, the profile had made its way onto anumber of “top users to follow on Pinterest” lists, all apparently unaware of Wang’s biological tie to the founder.

SEE ALSO: How Pinterest Is Changing Website Design ForeverBeyond Wang and Pinterest’s two co-founders, the rest of the top 10 are a little more diverse. Five identify themselves as designers of various stripes, one is a style blogger and one is a marketer. We were impressed with the number of followers these users were able to attract, particularly because 1) many users prefer to follow individual boards, rather than users; and 2) Pinterest offers few user discovery options compared to other social media services. Users usually have to do a fair bit of clicking through to locate and then follow the original source of a pin, and the service doesn’t yet offer up recommendations on whom to follow.

Zoomsphere CEO Jakub Mach says the data was compiled with the aid of web crawlers, since Pinterest has not yet made an API publicly available.

See above for a preview of the top 10 accounts. We also encourage you to check out some of our favorite Pinterest users.

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