How to Properly Redesign a Website

Christian Vasile


Redesigning a website happens very often on the internet today. It can be thanks to the new technologies that appear one after another (and every one of us wants to stay in fashion) or because the rules change from month to month. Whatever the reason is, it is quite important to do it properly and to ensure the new design will bring you more advantages over your competitor than the old version.

We don’t redesign a website only for the sake of spending money. We do it because we feel that the site needs a visual revamp, we feel that our visitors want to see something new from a visual stand point. Considering the redesign is entirely for the users, it’s them we should focus on when we think about creating a new identity for our blog, publication or whatever kind of webpage it is.

How to Properly Redesign a Website

The bigger and more important your webpage is, the higher the probability to fail when redesigning it is. Why? Because when you have to take hundreds of thousands or millions of users under consideration, it might be difficult to please all of them – quite frankly, it is impossible to do it. I personally experienced leaving a website I liked only because they changed the design – and I am aware of how the web works. If I left that webpage for good, I am wondering how many other users that don’t have anything to do with design did the same.

In order to increase the probability of your redesign being successful, I have created a list with some tips for you.

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Study Shows Rapid Evolution of QR Marketing

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Rapid adoption of QR codes and other action codes is only part of the story in a new study. More important is the way that marketers are learning to use them more effectively.

Nellymoser, Inc. released a study of all 2011 issues of the top 100 U.S. magazines. It found that advertising drove the 439 percent increase in action codes from January through December. In January, there were seven advertising codes for each editorial code. By September, the ratio was nearly 25:1.

“In the beginning of the year, it was really very much an experiment,” says Roger Matus, Nellymoser executive vice president. “It seemed like somebody in the company had said, ‘Hey, we oughtta do mobile, and I heard about this thing. Let’s stick it on there.'” Seguir leyendo “Study Shows Rapid Evolution of QR Marketing”

A Proposal For Social Network Détente



google-facebook-twitter-missilesFor the past two weeks, I feel like I’ve been witnessing some type of Cuban Missile Crisis going on between Google, Twitter and Facebook. I’d like to suggest some ways that social-nuclear war might be averted.

Beyond Blame, Believing In Cooperation

Let’s set aside blame, because blame isn’t going to move anything forward.

Let’s also assume that all the players can be taken to some degree at their word, that they do indeed want to work together in some ways.

What does everyone want?

The Wants & A Game Changer

Google has wanted its own social graph for some time. By social graph, I mean a way for it to see how people are interconnected, which could potentially improve Google’s search results. Better ways to target ads, new “sticky” content where people spend huge amounts of time are other things it wants, but let’s focus on the search aspects.

Twitter has wanted, well, clearly money along with other non-disclosed things for what is mistakenly assumed to be its most valuable asset, its “firehose” of tweets. What’s really Twitter’s most valuable asset is actually its sharing activity, but I’ll get back to that.

Facebook has wanted, well, I don’t know — maybe to be the best social network out there. Don’t laugh. If Google once had a laser-like focus on being the best search engine out there, Facebook can have the same focus on social. That’s a vision that Facebook probably doesn’t want ruined by Google encroaching on its territory. A vision that, of course, makes Facebook plenty of money by tapping into social actions.

We also now have something new that both Facebook and Twitter say they want — to be better represented in Google’s search results. It’s not as if they haven’t been there. But releasing today’s Don’t Be Evil bookmarklet — which alters the Google’s Search Plus Your World service — was a game changer in these Cold War years between the search and social superpowers.

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Do people like us better when we’re distracted?

Seems like it. It’s not that being distracted isn’t off-putting, but when distracted we’re less negative, less complex and more personal in our speech. We also encourage the other person to talk more.

From James Pennebaker’s book The Secret Life of Pronouns: What Our Words Say About Us:

distracted pairs actually showed slightly higher style matching than the non-distracted pair. Even odder, they tended to report liking each other more. In terms of actual word use, the distracted students were less negative, less complex, and more personal than non-distracted writers.

There have been very few times in my career that I didn’t believe my own results. It just didn’t make sense to me that style matching increases when talking to a multitasker. So I took things into my own hands and called two former students and asked if they would mind participating in a language project. The deal would be that we would have an informal talk on the phone that would be recorded, transcribed, and analyzed. The talk would actually be made up of three five-minute segments, and after each segment, they would complete a brief questionnaire. Both agreed to the rules. What they didn’t know was that on one of the three segments, I would be sitting in my office madly doing arithmetic problems as fast as I could. Seguir leyendo “Do people like us better when we’re distracted?”

30 Fabulous Superman Wallpaper Collection


The cult who flew in the sky, smashed walls and rescued the dame, our all time favorite super hero, the Superman is obsessed my millions of his fanatics till date. Superman wallpapers remain in great demand, everyday marking record-breaking downloads on internet.

Amazing Superman graphics, 3D series and his anime wallpapers, all enjoy great popularity worldwide. Here’s a collection of 30 fabulous Superman wallpapers that include cool Superman pictures, exciting graphics and adorable Superman comic wallpapers for your love for the greatest superhero of the world.

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Superman Returns

High resolution 3D Wallpaper from the Superan Returns series.

Superman Returns

Superman Returns

Superman In The Clouds

Clouded Superman logo backdrop for the desktop.

Superman In The Clouds

Superman In The Clouds

Superman Loves

Retro Superman love wallpaper set in comic style.

Superman Loves

Superman Loves

Batman on Superman

Cool comic graphical wallpaper from Superman and Batman series.

Batman on Superman

Batman on Superman

S is for Superman

Flaunting the Superman ‘S’. It’s not a brand, but the cult!

S is for Superman

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The (Dis)Advantages of Working From Home


Being a freelancer means you often have complete freedom on where to work. However, we tend to stay at home and work from our beds, dining room tables, a corner in our room, or if we’re lucky enough, a whole room dedicated as an office. What we mostly do not do, is leave our home to work in a separate office or co-working space.

Working from home comes with several advantages after all – no overhead, free range of the kitchen, no dress code and the ability to sleep as late as we want and stroll from the bedroom to our computer.

However, there are also several disadvantages we should be aware of. Distractions from family, children or pets being the biggest issue we come across. Also, walking two feet from our bedroom to our office means we don’t get the exercise we should – and we’re increasingly becoming an unhealthy industry. It also means you lead a distinctly lonely work day  – and without a boss breathing down your neck you’re more apt to goof off on the internet.

Even with all of these disadvantages – I still wouldn’t trade it for any other job in the world, nor would I bother with paying the high costs of renting an office space. Instead, I’ve aimed to become more productive and turn these into non-issues. How can you do it?

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30 Amusing and Funny Photo Manipulations

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Photo manipulations are quite popular among all generations of designers and digital artists. It is also a genre often used in the advertising industry because of the effect these manipulations have on people. This sort of artwork are usually shocking and unrealistic and they are demanding of people’s attention and reactions either negative or positive. That’s the purpose of advertising – to make people feel something about the brand or particular product.

In this post you will see 30 funny and amusing photo manipulations with different messages and stories behind.

Head in aquarium

Head in aquarium

Statue of Labour

Statue of Labour



Only the strong survive

Only the strong survive

This is how it should be

This is how it should be

Grown Up

Grown Up

Mas Pelas

Mas Pelas


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6 Steps To Creating A Knockout Online Portfolio

by Mell Ravenel


ProSite Portfolio by Adam Jesberger

As the Chief Designer of Behance, few people are better at identifying a great online portfolio than Matias Corea. While judging contests, looking for new talent, and conducting design research for the Behance Network, he has reviewed thousands of creative portfolios on the web.
To get some insight on what works (and what doesn’t!) when it comes to showcasing creative work online, I chatted with Matias about his observations and extracted six simple tips for building a knockout creative portfolio:

1. Take a step back, and curate your best work. Take the time to look at all of your work and carefully choose the right pieces for your portfolio. “One piece of advice I got from my mentor was to always showcase the type of work you want to be doing in the future,” says Matias. “Display only the projects that you are really proud of, that look the best, and that use the best materials.”

Choose at least five projects so you can demonstrate the breadth of your work, but be selective. Remember, it’s always better to have a portfolio of a few projects that are stunning than dozens of projects where some of them are just OK. The quality of your portfolio is only as good as your weakest project.


Always showcase the type of work you want to be doing in the future.
2. Use eye-catching images, and share the backstory. Now that you’ve edited the work you want to show, get into the nitty-gritty of each project and think about how to best present it. Visitors like to know the story behind your finished work, so think about presenting your process — from the initial concept, to early sketches, to the finished product. Seguir leyendo “6 Steps To Creating A Knockout Online Portfolio”

Best of WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins and Why You Need None to Fight Spam

by Salman Siddiqui


Today, while skipping rope I was pondering (my level of concentration increases when I skip rope) the reason behind the availability of innumerable anti-spam WordPress plugins. Did the creators of WordPress not think about spam issues and don’t they do so now when WordPress has gone viral? Actually, that isn’t the case. WordPress, as a Content Management System, comes loaded with basic features to tackle spam. It is just that we have been spoon fed the idea that a plugin is a must for any WordPress feature other than writing articles and uploading images.

Best of WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins and Why You Need None to Fight Spam

Plugins are required for extra features. Believe me, basics are always packed with WordPress. This discussion will go through some of the best WordPress plugins to fight spam and later on excogitate the WordPress dashboards to find out if we really need such plugins.

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10 Essential Guidelines for Freelance Collaboration

By laura

collaboration is on the rise. Increasingly, teams of freelancers are now doing the work that in-house departments used to do. Graphic designers are now working on teams with writers and programmers.

But many freelancers are used to working alone. Collaboration definitely requires freelancers to make a few adjustments.

In this post, I’ll provide ten essential guidelines to help you put the pieces together for freelance collaboration. If you enjoy this post, you may also enjoy reading 15 Questions to Ask Before Collaborating.

Guideline #1: Do Your Homework

In the same way that you would research a potential client, learn all you can about a potential collaborator. Study their LinkedIn profile and other online profiles. Read any testimonials and recommendations they have received to see what past clients think of their work. Review their portfolio to get an idea of the type of work they produce. Remember, if you work together on the same project, your reputation will become linked with that of your collaborator.

Guideline #2: Provide Details

Once you have selected a freelance collaborator, provide them with as many details as you can about the job. Be specific. Remember, if the freelancer is working in a different specialty from your own, they may need entirely different information to get their job done. Give them an opportunity to ask their own questions and make sure that they get their answers. The more your colleague knows, the better able they will be to fulfill their part of the project. Seguir leyendo “10 Essential Guidelines for Freelance Collaboration”