Facebook deja de dar soporte a la versión de Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

El navegador ronda el 5% de cuota de mercado y es menos seguro y rápido que las nuevas versiones desarrolladas por Microsoft

Facebook deja de dar soporte a la versión de Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 que fue lanzada el octubre del año 2006. La red social más popular entre los internautas ha decidido dejar de lado un navegador cada vez menos usado.

Facebook deja de dar soporte a la versión de Microsoft Internet Explorer 7- (CADENA SER)

Facebook mejorará la privacidad tras la investigación de Irlanda
España es el quinto país del mundo que más utiliza las redes sociales
Un estudiante fuerza a Facebook a mejorar la privacidad de sus usuarios Seguir leyendo “Facebook deja de dar soporte a la versión de Microsoft Internet Explorer 7”

Design Best Practices for the Mobile Web


Mobile web interfaces take a different sort of design practice, whether they are for mobile websites or native mobile applications. With a different sort of device, and a more noticeably different screen size, we as designers must consider a new set of best practices for design.

Design Best Practices for the Mobile Web

Any web designer may be noticing the close in the gap between web designer and mobile designer. Before, many designers chose to be within that niche, but as the mobile web grows, we web designers don’t really have a choice to do mobile design or not! It is often a requirement for most projects, and in years to come that fact will be even more so.

In this article we’ll look over the basic best practices for designing for the mobile web, and the major differences in designing for the “traditional web” (via desktops/laptops and all other bigger screens).

Limited and Big Navigation

Navigation is the number one thing all web designers and developers need to focus on. Without good, usable navigation, our users may get confused, not be able to find what they need or want, and will end up leaving our sites, never to return!

We know this though, that fact has been paraded throughout all of the previous generations of the web. Just as it’s important to plan and design effective navigation for a regular website, so is it important to do the same for a mobile interface. Seguir leyendo “Design Best Practices for the Mobile Web”

Lessons Learned Running a Small Business in 2011

Small Business Working

As 2012 begins, I want to look back over the past year to see what can be learnt from it. Learning from your mistakes is less glamorous than a list of grand New Year’s Resolutions (Though I do like those too), but often more effective at ensuring the next year is even better than the last.

With that in mind, what follows are some of the lessons I have picked out from my own 2011. I would love to hear if these resonate with you.

When looking back at your own year, I’d encourage you not to look for when things went “wrong” as such, but simply to think of how things may have gone differently. That’s what I’ve done. If I were to go back, I may well do some of these things the same, but considering the alternatives is a great way to learn. Seguir leyendo “Lessons Learned Running a Small Business in 2011”