The Top 10 Brand Pages on Google+


Lauren Indvik



Google+ launched brand pages just six weeks ago, but some brands have already amassed considerable followings on the social network.

This week, Zoomsphere, which tracks brand traction on social networks, released charts that rank brands by follower, activity and engagement counts on Google+. Below, we’ve highlighted the most-followed brand pages. To dive further into the rankings, see here.

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Facebook is not building Shadow Profiles of non-members, but must make privacy changes

Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner has today announced the results of its investigation into Facebook’s data protection policies, and among other findings has announced that it is satisfied that Facebook is not building ‘Shadow Profiles’ of data about people who are not logged in to Facebook. Facebook has agreed to a number of changes related to privacy, however.

In October, Ireland’s Office of the Data Protection Commissioner said that it was to audit Facebook’s International HQ in Dublin in relation to complaints over the social network keeping copies of supposedly ‘deleted’ data. Additionally, the Europe vs Facebook campaign, claimed that Facebook was building up detailed profiles of non-members.

Austrian citizen Max Schrems drew attention to this practice keeping deleted data after requesting a copy of all the information Facebook held about him – something Facebook is legally obliged to comply with in the European Union. You can see how much data was revealed in this video. Seguir leyendo “Facebook is not building Shadow Profiles of non-members, but must make privacy changes”

Our obsession with social networks guarantees their advertising power


In a comScore study posted today, we are reminded of what we already knew; Facebook is an absolute beast when it comes to cornering people’s time online.

For example, this stat seemed so insane, I thought it was fake at first:

Social networking accounts for nearly 1 in every 5 minutes spent online in October 2011

Social networking is a hobby of 82 percent of the global Internet population, which sits at around 1.2 billion users. Just a reminder, Facebook has over 800 million users. Facebook most definitely owns social networking.

Stats and Thoughts

In October, Facebook reached more than half (55 percent) of the world’s global audience and accounted for 1 in every 7 minutes spent online around the world and 3 in every 4 social networking minutes.

Facebook’s users aren’t just loyal, they’re obsessed. These types of numbers show that the features that social network is building have one goal; to keep you on Facebook, and not let you leave. If you take a look at the most recent changes on the site, such as the Ticker and Timeline, they’re built to keep you digging into someone’s profile and content.

In October, Twitter reached 1 in 10 Internet users worldwide, growing 59 percent in the past year.

Facebook’s game is engagement, while Twitter is surging to touch as many people as possible. It’s safe to say that Twitter will never get anywhere close to the engagement numbers that Facebook has, and it doesn’t want them. With its latest redesign, the site is becoming easier to use, as Facebook is becoming more complicated. Twitter is betting that simplicity will win out, and eyeballs for any amount of time is key. The company actually has a shot to get more eyeballs in 2012 than Facebook if it stays focused and keeps being integrated into every mainstream property possible. Seguir leyendo “Our obsession with social networks guarantees their advertising power”