What’s up with Bing and Yahoo?

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For years now, Bing and Yahoo have been struggling to keep up with the king of search engines which is Google. The recent anti-trust challenge of Google in Washington DC didn’t help with Bing and Yahoo’s problems. It was just a simple showcase of the lack of knowledge of lawmakers in correct regulation. Anyway, back to Bing and Yahoo’s dilemma. Let’s look into each search engine’s current situation.

Bing’s “Plan”

Since Bing was launched in 2009, it has lost more than $5 billion. Yes, $5 billion! However, Bing is still trying to come up with the magic bullet to finally turn a profit and at least try to challenge Google. Is this just wishful thinking? For now, probably yes. According to CNN Money, Bing is growing. But the problem is that it is only growing a little bit at a time. Bing hasn’t even begun to touch Google’s market share.  The growth against Yahoo has been quite significant but very expensive.

So, is Bing really just wasting time and money? According to Bing, they aren’t. They actually have a plan. They claim to be on the verge of a breakthrough that will enable users to do more than search. However, they’re still mum about the actual plan and people have been waiting for a long time for this breakthrough. It has been such a long time that most experts think there really is no concrete plan and Bing is just hoping to get lucky one of these days. Some experts even think that Bing is just waiting for Yahoo to slip away just like a vulture waiting for a living creature to die so it can feast on the dead creature’s remains.

Yahoo’s Situation

If Bing is totally lame then Yahoo is just plain sad. Yahoo’s latest change in search interface was almost ignored. No one noticed and no one cared. Except for writers who had a lot of fun making jokes about how useless Yahoo is. However, you have to give it to Yahoo for trying. They just announced an “exciting” new update they’re working on that will be a “radical” experience way beyond traditional search.

Is this exciting? Not really because Yahoo has been saying the same thing for almost 16 years now. It’s just sad how things turned out for Yahoo. It’s basically the same with Bing waiting who will last longer. However, I like rooting for the underdog. I’m still a bit hopeful that Bing, Yahoo or both will have a breakthrough sooner or later.