Black Hat SEO: Killing Your Rankings [Infographic]


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Google has warned that black hat tactics are “unethical, overly aggressive marketing efforts where a company tries to manipulate search engine results in an unfair way.” Despite Google’s warnings, many Internet companies persist in providing black hat SEO services. The truth is, using black hat tactics on your site can be as scary as facing these slasher movie murderers.

Doorway pages are set up in such a way that a visitor generally cannot reach them through the site navigation. Instead, they are designed to rank well in the search results and lead people into the site through a spammy page, often stuffed with keywords and nonsense content. A good SEO company will steer clear of this SEO killer. Seguir leyendo “Black Hat SEO: Killing Your Rankings [Infographic]”

Design is About Solving Problems

Web design is, and always will be, about problem-solving, and galleries generally can’t teach you how to be good at that.

You won’t find inspiration in design galleries: just a solution to someone else’s problem.

I’m keen to reiterate this, especially to young designers in the industry who look at the huge number of inspirational galleries and treat them as definitive answers on how to create user interfaces and experiences, rather than just as examples of good visual flourishes in other people’s products.

Other Designs Can’t Solve Your Problems

When a project brief is submitted, there’s an inherent danger in the designer asking the client what other websites they like. Getting an idea of the sort of thing the client likes and would want to see in their own project is usually considered harmless.

But I’ve stopped asking this, simply because it plants a seed in their mind of the sort of visual features they like on someone else’s website. And once you start down that path, you’re in trouble. Clients often focus on what their competitors are doing, without considering the possibility that the features they see might not even be effective. They’re not considering their own users or the strengths of their own product. Rather, they’re chasing their competitors. It’s amazing how many times you’ll see this happen in our industry. Not making the same mistake in your work is vital.

When you look at an inspiring gallery or attractive website, remember that what you’re seeing is merely the result,
not the process.

You usually have not been party to the process that got to that result, which could include a range of things such as user testing, multiple iterations and prototypes, A/B testing, various stages of client input and so on.

Often, even the simple things you see on a website or in a design gallery are the result not only of a process but also of the experience of the designer behind the result.

So, Where Else Can You Look To For Inspiration?

Whenever anyone asks how to get inspired, I always point to people themselves. Watch people as they interact with the things around them and solve problems. You’ll learn an immense amount.

National Geographic Magazine

If you can, study people, and look at their stories. One source of real inspiration for me is National Geographic. I’ve had a subscription for years, and seeing how people all around the world solve problems in their lives, on both big and small levels, never fails to inspire me. Seguir leyendo “Design is About Solving Problems”

25 Gorgeous Typography Wallpapers

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Inspiring desktop wallpapers can help you get into a creative and productive mood. In this collection we will focus on beautiful wallpapers based on typography. Nowadays typography plays one of the most important roles of effective and beautiful web and graphic design, but typography can also be an art form. Unusual combinations, transformations and compositions of type can become a breathtaking piece of art. Here are 25 gorgeous typography inspired wallpapers for you to enjoy.

I Love Typography

I Love Typography

The Characteristics of a Typeface

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The Science Behind Making Your Posts Shareable

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Screen shot 2011-10-26 at 11.40.00 PM
This blog post was written by Marcus Taylor, co-author of the book Get Noticed and head of social media at SEOptimise. You can follow Marcus on Twitter here.

I’ve always been fascinated watching what content gets shared by the masses and what doesn’t. I don’t believe in the myth that ‘content is king’, I also don’t believe that it’s the timing of a post, or the credibility of the author that makes or breaks a blog post’s ability to spread like wildfire. In reality, it’s the combination of these factors that intensify a blog post’s likelihood of being amplified in the blogosphere.

If content were king, then great posts wouldn’t go undiscovered every single day. If author credibility was the be all and end all, Chris Brogan would be able to post the lyrics to a Justin Bieber song on his blog and we’d all share it (Chris, please don’t test this…). Seguir leyendo “The Science Behind Making Your Posts Shareable”

The Four Best Questions From Social Week

Did you miss Social Week? Heaven forbid. It was a whole week dedicated to people talking to each other. Or maybe the name Social Media Week was already taken and Social Week touched on the same theme.

Whatever the purpose, I wound up taking part in a panel discussion hosted by the Direct Marketing Association, and it was one of the more thought-provoking sessions I’ve joined. Part of that’s to the credit of moderator David Dowd from Buddy Media, and the rest goes to the expert and candid panel.

Instead of rehashing the questions that Dowd brought up, there were a bunch of others that the panelists dove into that are at least as pressing. Here are some highlights, along with my best attempts at answers: Seguir leyendo “The Four Best Questions From Social Week”

Algunas herramientas para medir en twitter

twitter sem y seo para todos

Después de este, obligado, parón, vuelvo a la carga para mostrar algunas herramientas de analítica y medición en twitter; Lo pongo muy resumido para que vosotros hurguéis y comentéis. Seguir leyendo “Algunas herramientas para medir en twitter”

5 maneras de aumentar los precios manteniendo a sus clientes

25 de octubre de 2011 por Daemon Quest


No importa si usted es un profesional independiente, dueño de un negocio pequeño o una gran corporación, todos los proveedores de servicios quieren aumentar tarifas

Por supuesto, la mayoría de nosotros no lo hacemos, sino que nos solemos meter siempre en guerras de precios. ¿Por qué? Porque estamos aterrorizados. Nos preguntamos: “¿Mi producto/servicio realmente vale más que el de mi competidor?” “¿Qué pasa si nuestros clientes se van con la competencia?” “Si me equivoco en los precios, puedo solucionarlo?”

La mayoría de estas preocupaciones son infundadas. De hecho, aumentar el precio y en consecuencia el margen de beneficio, en muchos casos, es probable que se le haga más deseable para el cliente.

Aquí le ofrecemos cinco sugerencias para hacer la transición a subir precios un poco más fácil:

1. Ser más específico sobre los servicios que ofrece… Seguir leyendo “5 maneras de aumentar los precios manteniendo a sus clientes”

Nokia da pelea con Windows Phone


Presentó dos nuevos equipos con ese sistema operativo. Llegan en 2012 al país.

Por Manuel Castrillón  | LA NACION

LONDRES (De un enviado especial).- “Este es el teléfono de Windows“, dijo Stephen Elop, levantando en su mano el nuevo Lumia 800. Enfatizando cada palabra, el CEO de Nokia presentó ante socios de negocios y periodistas los equipos que la empresa lanzará en los proximos meses. El objetivo, revertir la tendencia que lo alejó del primer puesto en el podio de los fabricantes de telefonía móvil.

Elop reconoció lo obvio, que las cosas no andaban del todo bien y que “ocho meses atrás decidimos cambiar nuestra estrategia y darle una nueva dirección a nuestros objetivos. Ya estamos demostrando un claro progreso gracias esta nueva estrategia. Estamos entregando nuestros productos al mercado más rápido que nunca”. Además recordó Elop la decisión corporativa de sumar al sistema operativo Windows Phone al portfolio de sus equipos, con los Lumia 800 (foto) y 710, que ofrecen Windows Phone 7 Mango, pantallas de 3,7″, chips a 1,4 GHz, y cámaras de 8 y 5 megapixeles, respectivamente. Seguir leyendo “Nokia da pelea con Windows Phone”

New iPhone to be Announced on Oct. 4? Don’t Forget iOS 5 is Coming to Current iOS Devices Too

With so much attention and speculation being focused on the possible new iPhone model or models next week, it is easy to forget that people who currently own an iPhone 3GS or 4, iPod touch 3rd or 4th generation or iPad 1 or 2 are going to get a lot of benefit out of the iOS 5 update that should ship very soon as an Over The Air (OTA) update.

Apple Announces October 4 Event: Let’s Talk iPhone

iOS 5 will bring:

– A notification center that resembles Android’s pull-down notification function
– iMessage group messaging that works with the iPod touch and iPad as well as the iPhone
– Newsstand for magazine and newspaper app subscriptions
– Reminders: A supercharged to-do list
Twitter integration
– Option to use the Volume Up button as a camera shutter button (an idea that got the Camera+ app banned from the App Store for a few months)
– iCloud file syncing
Safari web browser enhancements
WiFi Sync to a Mac or PC
– Multitasking gestures for the iPad
– AirPlay Mirroring to display whatever is on an iPad display to an HD TV via an Apple TV

Branding : What colors in logos mean

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When you think of Coke, it’s the red color that comes to your mind, right? Happiness, Radiance, Life and a set of emotions too comes along with it. Why? It’s the branding psychology.

Colors and shapes makes a huge impact on branding. And they always convey something unique to the user/viewer about the product. Here’s an experts explanation of what each color in logos and brands signifies.

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9 Tools to measure your Twitter Influence & Reach !

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The fun part of Twitter is not always about having lot of followers. Of course, having more followers is good, but the real fun is in getting to know more people, sharing ideas, interacting with them and basically having lots of fun. Twitter’s “Opt in” mechanism makes sure that people fall in to similar groups and interact more with similar minded folks, thanks to the “unfollow” button.

Now, if you’ve been wondering how effectively have you been communicating with your followers, here are nine cool tools that will help you find out your reach, communication effectiveness, popularity and analyze your twitter usage statistics – let’s call it Twitter Power !

1. Find out whom you Re-Tweet most / active hours etc

Awesome analysis tool. Finds your your twitter frequency, whom you re-tweet most, whom you reply to most, what times you tweet most and lots more. TweetStats


2.  Find out your Reader Outreach Power

Great tool, a bit slow, but gives you data such as your tweet frequency on a graph, tweet re-tweet count, Readers Reach etc. Twitter Analyzer



3. Find out which Tweet gained you followers and which made you lose them

Great tool, that dishes out data not seen in many other tools. Tells you how many followers you’ve lost in the last X hours, how many you gained during that time. And also an idea of the tweets that might have helped you gain OR lose followers. Tweet Effect

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Pensar diferente, Innovación y Conformidad Social

Uno de los factores más desconocidos y que más nos condicionan socialmente es la Conformidad.
Nuestra Conformidad Social es el grado hasta el que adaptamos nuestras opiniones, actitudes y comportamientos individuales para encajar con el grupo al que pertenecemos.
Esta característica de nuestro comportamiento se revela especialmente dramática en periodos como el actual, en el que a nivel individual, casi todos podemos reconocer la necesidad de innovar y de realizar cambios sustanciales en las Empresas, en nuestra Sociedad y en nuestro estilo de vida… pero colectivamente, a menudo estas innovaciones y estos cambios acaban siendo insuficientes o no significativos, debido a la corriente de Conformidad mayoritaria.

Desde mi punto de vista, todo y que en muchos ámbitos los signos que evidencian la necesidad urgente de un cambio de paradigma global son cada día más evidentes, nuestro problema básico es que no nos interesa la verdad, sino todo aquello que creemos que garantiza nuestra propia supervivencia.

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21 Ways to Save Minutes Each Day

time saving

I have a confession to make: I’m obsessed with time. On my phone I track every minute of the day and how it is being used. I can even show you a spreadsheet with months of data where my time up to the minute.

For example, I can tell you that on average I sleep 7 hours and 14 minutes a day and I spend on average 87 minutes a week running errands. You might wonder why I’m doing this. The reason is that I want to be on the fast-track to success. One of the ways to reach my destination faster is by maximizing the time I have at my disposal. In other words, by time saving.

Over the months of tracking my time I wanted to figure out ways to shave minutes of certain low value activities so I could refocus that to more important matters. The list of time saving tips below is the one I’ve done myself to free up time, and I have redirected those minutes and hours to work and personal projects.

21 Time Saving Tips That Work

1. Check your smart phone in lineWaiting in line is a waste of time, so use this time to check your email, respond to text messages or participate on social media.

2. Automate your monthly expenses – Stop paying bills through the mail and switch to paying your expenses online. If you are already doing that, the next step is to automate your payments and set a time once a month to review all your monthly payments.

3. Maximize your commute times – Read a book, listen to audiobooks, call people, email or get other work done.

4. Eat your frog – The first thing you do in the morning is the task you dread the most. Brian Tracy coined this term and he got it from the saying: “If the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the day with the satisfaction of knowing that that is probably the worst thing that is going to happen to you all day long!” By doing the dreadful task first, the rest of the day is going to be easy in comparison.

5. Stop watching TV – Cut back on watching television and switch over to on-demand media. TV commercials provide little value and revolving your day around the TV’s schedule is an inefficient use of your time. You can still watch most your favorite shows on Hulu or Netflix, but at your own pace and time. Seguir leyendo “21 Ways to Save Minutes Each Day”

Seminario de Email Marketing – MAD y BCN

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Llega a España el evento de formación en Email Marketing que más éxito internacional ha tenido. El Email Marketing Boot Camp 2011 es un Seminario que permite a los participantes acelerar la curva de aprendizaje en la materia de la mano de los mejores especialistas del sector. Esta fórmula americana, se basa en un modelo intensivo de formación de 2 días,  combinando clases prácticas y teóricas, y abarcando todos los aspectos estratégicos y tácticos clave en la materia. Seguir leyendo “Seminario de Email Marketing – MAD y BCN”

El nuevo y mejorado sitelinks de Google

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Desde hace unos días está disponible para los usuarios del buscador un formato mejorado de sitelinks, bastante más fáciles de entender y que, al menos según la compañía, harán más sencillo a los usuarios del buscador llegar al interior de los sitios Webs que se benefician de esta funcionalidad en sus resultados.

Google también anuncia que no cambian fundamentalmente su forma de trabajo, son generados por el algoritmo en base la estructura de enlazado del sitio Web y solo aparecen en determinados tipos de búsqueda.

Básicamente, serán más visibles (especialmente por que ahora tienen un poco de texto y el enlace en verde como el resto de resultado), tendrán más flexibilidad (ahora no serán fijos y pueden presentarse hasta doce en cada búsqueda), más claridad (ahora se informa mejor de las URL que apuntan a subdominios u otras partes de la Web) y más calidad (no habrá distinción entre resultados y sitelinks como ocurría hasta ahora). Seguir leyendo “El nuevo y mejorado sitelinks de Google”