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My Favorite iPad Apps

If you are curious to know what apps have I installed on my iPad, here’s a complete list.

BigRock tries to be the GoDaddy of India with TV Ads

Watch the latest TV ads for BigRock, an India based domain name registrar that operates an almost similar business as GoDaddy. Clean and impressive.

Professor Creates a ‘Living’ Google Logo

Cell biology and Google? See how a microbiologist could grow the first living Google logo in a petri dish.

PayPal in India is ‘Close to Dead’

If you are based in India and have been using the PayPal service to receive payment from foreign clients and advertisers, here’s some disheartening news for you.

Check if Someone Else is Using Your Facebook Account?

Learn some simple tips that will help you determine is someone else is secretly logging into and using your Facebook account.facebook_privacy.png

Are you Trapped in the Bermuda Triangle of Productivity?

Wondering where did all the time go? Maybe you are also trapped in the Bermuda triangle of productivity.

A Transparent Lock for your Windows Computer

Clear Lock is tiny Windows utility that will lock your computer but with a transparent screen.clear_lock.jpg

Your Facebook Friends as CAPTCHAs

Traditional CAPTCHAs are often hard to solve and therefore Facebook is experimenting with social authentication where they’ll show you a few pictures of your friends and ask you to name the person in those photos.

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