Fat Free Web Design

by Jason Gross

Fat Free Web DesignEverybody loves to have a little more. We want a little more money, a little more free time or maybe a little more chocolate on our ice cream. Living a life of excess is a great way to flaunt your achievements and to show everyone just how much awesome you are.

But this big-pimpin’ philosophy does not translate well in web design. Extravagant websites become a sloppy usability nightmare. Chunky websites that have too many things going are clogging up the arteries of the web. It’s time for some exercise.

For web designers, coming across an awesome WordPress or jQuery plugin can be a lot like opening up an awesome gift on Christmas morning. But once that initial burst of joy wears off, we realize that we may not need this junk at all; it’s just a burden and another thing we need to deal with. Seguir leyendo “Fat Free Web Design”

Las 4 R de Google Adwords.

semyseoparatodosSigo preparándome mi examen para el GAP y sigo buscando cuestiones que, aunque superficiales, puedan ayudar a todos, a tener los mejores resultados a través de Adwords. Hoy os presento lo que yo llamo las 4 R de Google Adwords.

Reescritura de los anuncios hasta conseguir bajar el CPC. (Prueba varias versiones del anuncio, compáralo con anteriores versiones, prueba distintos órdenes en los mensajes de estos…) Seguir leyendo “Las 4 R de Google Adwords.”

Facebook in the real world – amazing case study


coca cola 200x200 Facebook in the real world   amazing case studyIt’s a rare moment when I see something being done online and instantly want to try it out for one of our clients. This however, is a great example of integrating Facebook with your offline marketing activity in a completely new way that I would love to try! It comes from Coca Cola in India Israel. At their amusement park in India Israel, an annual event called Coca Cola Village,  they issued customers with an RFID (radio frequency identification) bracelet that contained their Facebook details. Check out what they did with it in the video below :


Each of the people with the bracelets were invited to swipe their bands at certain places to give a ‘Like’ to that particular product or activity. And they were also able to upload their own pictures to their Facebook profiles, where they were automatically tagged. Over 650 teenagers used the RFID bracelets over 3 days and over 35,000 ‘Likes’ were made. Pretty impressive, especially when you consider how many friends those people would have reached through their individual newsfeeds.

This is the kind of thing that really gets me excited. Seeing social technology being used in a completely new way, but importantly integrating with ‘real world’ activity. There’s nothing better for a brand than having hundreds of people running around actually ‘Liking’ all your content and sharing it with your friends. And because it’s something completely new for the user, they go around swiping everything in sight! Seguir leyendo “Facebook in the real world – amazing case study”

SEO by Stealth – 3 Tips for Writing SEO Content That Sounds Natural

Posted by Lucy

We often hear people say “Oh, I don’t want to ruin my website with SEO! That sort of content sounds horrible!”.

SEO doesn’t ruin websites … however, poorly conceived attempts at creating optimised copy can quite easily do so! Ever encountered a website like this?


If you’re looking for moustache trimmers and beard clippers, you’ve come to the right place. Our website is the best place to buy moustache trimmers and beard clippers. You won’t find better moustache trimmers and beard clippers or cheaper moustache trimmers and beard clippers anywhere else. We invite you to check out our great selection of moustache trimmers and beard clippers.

It’s enough to turn you off moustache trimmers and beard clippers for life! Fortunately, SEO copy doesn’t have to be like that, as long as you follow some basic guidelines.

Vary your keywords

Your SEO expert will ask you to think of some keywords which describe your business, and will also use their own methods to determine keywords relevant to you. Think outside the box a little when your keyword list is being built.

Use long tail keywords
Whereas ‘bicycle’ is a short tail keyword, ‘Shimano bike gear’, ‘bicycle repair kits’, ‘kids bike helmets’, etc, are all long tail keywords. Utilising these long tail keywords can help your traffic numbers and conversion statistics as well as making your copywriting sound more natural and relevant. Seguir leyendo “SEO by Stealth – 3 Tips for Writing SEO Content That Sounds Natural”

39 New Social Media Resources You May Have Missed

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Infographic of the Day: The Blistering Rise of iPad and Tablet Computing


Is iPad an iFad?  Think again.

If you’re not much of a tech nerd, you’d be forgiven for thinking the iPad and the ensuing tablet boom are merely some kind of hype machine. You’d also be wrong, if industry analysts are right. Long story short, 2010 was just the barest tip of the tablet onslaught. In two years time, they’ll be more numerous than mosquitos in July, as this infographic lays out.

The data below, produced by Morgan Stanley and Forrester, among others, and then laid out by Focus, presents hockey-stick growth scenarios for iPad and its ilk. What’s probably most surprising is how mainstream their appeal is — a whopping 14% of online shoppers say they plan to purchase an iPad in the next five months; total sales are expected to rise 1000% by 2014.


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