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Developer Discussion: What Do You Use For AJAX in PHP?

jquery_ajax_1010.jpgA quick question with a potentially longer discussion. What do you use for AJAX in PHP, and why?

XAJAX is a simple way to do it, and this is the approach I’ve been using for some time. In very simple terms, you write PHP methods that can be called from JavaScript by prefixing the method name with xajax_.

IT Workers Still Looking to Jump Ship, Even In Rough Job Market

A Computerworld survey confirms what a Harris Interactive survey found in July: about 36% of IT workers are looking for a new job. Harris found 37%. Approximately 25% of IT workers polled by Computerworld are making less than they were two years ago. However, unemployment figures released today are grim. Will workers actually be able to find new jobs to jump to?

Yahoo let the cat out of the bag earlier this week, when one of its executives told Reuters that it would begin offering video chat via Yahoo Messenger to both the iPhone and Android smartphones.

The move would bring Yahoo, which already has 81 million Yahoo Messenger users, again to the forefront of chat services and posing a serious challenge to Apple’s own FaceTime.

Analytics firm comScore has just released a new study on mobile usage and behavior in the Japanese, American and European markets. The report’s findings highlighted the “significant differences” between the consumers in these markets, in terms of mobile connectivity, application usage, mobile social networking, media consumption, gender-related behavior and more.

Below is a summary of the firm’s report.

Weekly Poll: to Adopt REST APIs – What is the Significance?

developerforce_logo.pngFor the first time in its history, will launch a REST API. Designed for the platform, the new API is a departure for, which has historically provided SOAP as a means for integrating the SaaS provider’s technology with third-party applications.

The news, which we first saw on Programmable Web, has led us on a journey over the past two days to seek some answers about what the adoption says about and its 10-year-old architecture. It has also served to define what appears as a turning point for REST as adoption has now spread across a spectrum of providers. Most of all, it shows once again how pioneering developers have again proven the acceptance of easy-to-use, Web-based services.

Lady Gaga by The Numbers: We Are Hunted Report

We Are Hunted is just one of a number of web upstarts hoping to displace Billboard as the chart of record for music. What makes We Are Hunted slightly different is that it not only produces the requisite daily and weekly music charts, it releases a set of research reports every 6 months. It recently published over 100 reports on popular music artists, covering the 6-month period January to June 2010. The research is based on analysis of 531,901 music articles and 13,439,734 music-related tweets.

The reports are most helpful in showing the impact of Twitter and online press coverage on musicians. One of the most popular artists of 2010 has been Lady Gaga, so let’s see what her We Are Hunted report shows.

Has Online Sharing Spurred a New Offline Sharing Economy?

sharingeconomy_logo.jpg“Sharing” may be one of the key elements of our digital world – sharing files, sharing links, sharing content. But has the emphasis on sharing online changed the way in which we share offline?

Results of a study by Shareable Magazine and Latitude Research contend that indeed it has. A survey of over 500 Web users finds that people who share online are more apt to share offline, in part the study argues, because they’ve learned to trust each other online.

Google Gets a C- From the Better Business Bureau

google-logo150.png Aside from the occasional privacy gaffe or questionable quote from CEO Eric Schmidt, Google tends to have a fairly positive image, or at least has the trust of millions of individuals and business around the world who use its services everyday.

That’s why we were surprised to learn that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) had given Google a grade of C-, according to Mike Blumenthal, a blogger who specializes in local search.

Firefox 4 Beta for Android Now Available

Firefox4_oct10.jpgMozilla has released the first beta of Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo. Also known as Fennec, the mobile version of the browser is built on the same platform as the desktop version and includes features like Firefox Sync, Add-ons, and the Awesome bar.

According to a blog post announcing the beta release, Mozilla says it has made two big changes from the alpha version, namely with Electrolysis and Layers. The former splits the browser into two processes: one for the user interface and one to render the web content. The Layers architecture helps in performance and in graphic areas such as scrolling, zooming, and animations.

Tech Facilitates a Return to Learning in Iraq

rescue_fund.pngThe violence that came in the wake of the U.S. invasion of Iraq had a double-edged effect on higher education there. Professors fled the country and the students that remained had no one to teach them. Despite pleas to return home, many have elected to remain in exile.

So now the Iraq Scholar Rescue Fund has created the “Iraq Scholars Lecture Series” to unite those expatriate scholars with Iraqi college students via technology.

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