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The way you structure your content plays a part in how well your content gets crawled and indexed. If you want a search engine to list one of your pages in their results, the search engine first needs to find that page. It’s important that we make it easier for spiders to find all of the pages we want indexed.

Fortunately most of the ways you help search engines find your content also helps real people find that same content. A sitemap for example can serve as a great backup to your main navigation and can be organized in a way that makes it a table of contents for your entire site. Shorter click paths mean people as well as spiders can get to your content quicker.

Sometimes though, we need to understand the difference in how people and search engines see things. Real people won’t have any problem with multiple URLs pointing to the same content. If anything it likely makes it easier for them. Search engines on the other hand still get confused by “duplicate content” and you need to be aware of that so you can help make things clearer for them.

Next week we’ll look beyond crawling and indexing and talk about siloing or theming your content. The idea is to develop the structure of your content in a way to help reinforce the different keyword themes on your site and in the process help your pages rank better for keyword phrases around those themes.


How To Help Search Engines Find Your Content | Van SEO Design.

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The CEO’s Innovation Nightmare – BusinessWeek


What is to be done?

Some Helpful Tips

We know this column could come across as a bit cynical. But we are truly hopeless optimists, so let’s get to some solutions. If you are a bullish CEO or a bullish innovator within the ranks, here are few tips that will absolutely make your corporate life better—and more fulfilling.

Let’s start with counsel for the CEOs:

Recruit believers. Henry Ford said, “If you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right.” If you have people on your staff who don’t really believe change is possible or that the old way is good enough, for God‘s sake, release them to find a more fulfilling destiny. If you don’t have the guts to do it, then please stop saying you are going to change the world. Because your people simply won’t let it happen, and you are going to look like a fool.

Hire objective senior managers. This is a nice way of saying you should bring in leaders from outside your industry.

Full article:
The CEO’s Innovation Nightmare – BusinessWeek

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The Blog Stylist

Star Blog Award: Wanna Be Balanced Mom

Star Blog Award: Wanna Be Balanced Mom

It’s been a little while since I posted my last “Star Blog Award”, so without any more delay, the next SBA winner is…

Chantelle Ellem's blog, Fat Mum Slim

Guest blogroll: Mummy blogs by Chantelle Ellem

Chantelle’s blog, Fat Mum Slim is a popular read for those who like a dose of living, loving and a little bit of everything in between. Here are Chantelle’s favourite mummy blogs

Blogger profile: Julia from Hooked on Houses

Blogger profile: Julia from Hooked on Houses

Julia loves houses. Inside houses, outside houses, TV houses, celebrity houses and houses for sale. Yes, she’s Hooked on Houses

Sitemaps de vídeo, más ayuda desde Google para indexar nuestros vídeos en la web. « Sem y SEO para todos los públicos

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Si la semana pasada publicábamos el enlace a la GUIA SEO de Google, hoy comento otro de los detalles interesantes de todos los cambios que están existiendo en Google.Suele ser habitual (y si no tienen un problema) que los sitios web que alojan vídeos tengan una página común de nivel superior en la que aparecen agrupados estos.

Para esto es recomendable utilizar un Sitemap para indicar a Google la URL de la página de la galería en la que aparecen los videos, con objeto de que queden indexados perfectamente (Google ya lo permite).

La etiqueta a  utilizar para especificar la URL es <video:gallery_loc> en cada uno de los vídeos. Ten en cuenta que no se puede utilizar más de una etiqueta “gallery_loc” por vídeo.


Sitemaps de vídeo, más ayuda desde Google para indexar nuestros vídeos en la web. « Sem y SEO para todos los públicos.

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Internet Explorer 9 Beta: Reviewed and Benchmarked | Nettuts+

Windows Internet Explorer 9 Banner


It appears Microsoft has clear goals when it comes to IE9. They want to embrace modern standards and contribute to governing bodies like W3C to aid interoperability. IE9 is a massive leap forward from IE8′s attempts at HTML5, CSS3 and SVG. And it also feels like this is the browser they wanted to release with Windows 7. Looking at some of the new interface changes, like Jump Lists, reinforces this.

The benchmarks have shown problems still exist between IE9 and HTML5, but the advancements in hardware acceleration really shine through. Bugs do exist, some websites fail to load and it may take some time to get used to the new layout, but we need to remember this is still in beta stages, so maybe we could forgive it for the odd problem throughout development.

So despite it’s cons, I’m happy testing out my latest web designs in IE9 and I am really excited about the final product.

I hope you have enjoyed this introduction to IE9 Beta and try it out, even if it is only to play PacMan in the IE9 Test Center!

Full test here:
Internet Explorer 9 Beta: Reviewed and Benchmarked | Nettuts+

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New Data: Want More Leads? Offer Downloadable Content

Posted by Dan Zarrella |

banner 1

This post is a sneak peak at the exclusive new data from the upcoming Science of Lead Generation webinar on October 12th. Register now to reserve your spot. Remember, it’s more important how much business your site generates, than what it looks like.

One of the most important elements of lead generation is creating compelling offers to entice people to give you their contact information.

To understand what offers users perceive to be the most valuable, I conducted a survey asking people to rank a handful of offer types.


The results show that people prefer content-based offers rather than “demo” type offers which imply a more sales-oriented process. If you want leads, try offering a downloadable kit, or a free trial of your product.

Read more:

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