APAC to surpass North America as biggest ad market in 2014 : SMG, eMarketer

ASIA-PACIFIC – Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG) and eMarketer has issued a report forecasting Asia-Pacific will surpass North America to become the world’s biggest advertising market in 2014.

APAC to surpass North America as biggest ad market in 2014 : SMG, eMarketer

The Global Media Intelligence Report is a collection of data for six major regions, spanning 29 countries in total. It is led by Laura Desmond, global CEO of SMG, and Geoff Ramsey, CEO and co-founder of eMarketer.

The report looks at digital and total media advertising spend trends between 2009 to 2014. Excluding Japan and Australia, the Asia-Pacific region is currently trailing second after North America in media ad spend, but is expected to surpass the US with US$173.2 billion or 30.7 per cent of the world’s ad spend share in 2014, the report noted.

Asia-Pacific currently holds 28 per cent of the pie. Seguir leyendo “APAC to surpass North America as biggest ad market in 2014 : SMG, eMarketer”

Collection of Global Warming Art for the Green at Heart

By Prakash Ghodke

When the temperature of our planet increases, it means that our planet is hot and ill! The rise in your body temperature is called fever, when the same happen to earth atmosphere and ocean it is called Global Warming. So today we have collected 30 incredible artworks related to global warming. Comments are really appreciated.

Help Stop Global Warming

Help Stop Global Warming Campaign

Global Warming PSA Project

Global Warming

Global warming


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La declaración de valores: fijando la cultura de la empresa

El pensamiento estratégico comienza con el establecimiento de ciertos valores que determinarán la forma de hacer negocios de la organización. Así, ¿cómo redactar una declaración de valores eficaz?

Por Guillermo Martínez Ferrer

Los valores constituyen las prioridades filosóficas fundamentales con las cuales se comprometen quienes toman las decisiones estratégicas.

Dichas prioridades plantean la manera como la empresa intenta desarrollar sus negocios y reflejan el reconocimiento de su responsabilidad social y ética. Así como el accionar de las personas generalmente exterioriza sus convicciones, toda compañía genera su propia personalidad como un reflejo de los valores y creencias sus directivos.

En cuanto ayudan a impulsar y modelar el comportamiento, los valores generalmente se consideran el fundamento de la cultura de una empresa: el conjunto de valores, normas y estándares que controlan la manera en que los empleados trabajan para alcanzar la misión y las metas de la organización.

Si bien existe un gran número de factores que podrían considerarse como valores estratégicos, algunos autores recomiendan concentrarse en los ocho o diez de mayor impacto sobre el futuro de la empresa.

A continuación, algunos ejemplos de la forma en que distintas organizaciones expresan sus valores… Seguir leyendo “La declaración de valores: fijando la cultura de la empresa”

BEST GLOBAL BRANDS 2010: Apple fails to break into top flight

by Mark Banham

Apple’s brand value has surged 37% but it has only charted a lowly 17th place in this year’s annual Best Global Brands survey from Interbrand, some way behind the less fashionable IBM, Google and Microsoft.

Steve Jobs: Apple fails to break into top flight
Steve Jobs: Apple fails to break into top flight

The company, headed by Steve Jobs, boosted its brand through carefully controlled messaging and an endless wave of buzz surrounding new product launches, but somewhat surprisingly failed to make the top 10.

It has recently taken a knock in public perception due to problems with reception encountered by its iPhone 4 handset, which led to the offer of a free rubber casing for those who were dissatisfied with their purchase.

The brand barometer placed soft drinks manufacturer Coca-Cola as its top global brand, with technology brand IBM taking second place, Microsoft third and Google fourth.

Another technology company, Hewlett-Packard, broke into the top ten for the first time as the company had “increased brand value under a new business model and brand platform”, according to Interbrand. Seguir leyendo “BEST GLOBAL BRANDS 2010: Apple fails to break into top flight”

Best Global Brands

2010 rankings

Rank Previous Rank Brand Country of Origin Sector Brand Value ($m) Change in Brand Value
1 1 United States Beverages 70,452 2%
2 2 United States Business Services 64,727 7%
3 3 United States Computer Software 60,895 7%
4 7 United States Internet Services 43,557 36%
5 4 United States Diversified 42,808 -10%
6 6 United States Restaurants 33,578 4%
7 9 United States Electronics 32,015 4%
8 5 Finland Electronics 29,495 -15%
9 10 United States Media 28,731 1%
10 11 United States Electronics 26,867 12%
11 8 Japan Automotive 26,192 -16%
12 12 Germany Automotive 25,179 6%
13 13 United States FMCG 23,298 2%
14 14 United States Business Services 23,219 5%
15 15 Germany Automotive 22,322 3%
16 16 France Luxury 21,860 4%
17 20 United States Electronics 21,143 37%
18 17 United States Tobacco 19,961 5%
19 19 South Korea Electronics 19,491 11%
20 18 Japan Automotive 18,506 4%
21 21 Sweden Apparel 16,136 5%
22 24 United States Business Services 14,881 9%
23 23 United States Beverages 14,061 3%
24 22 United States Financial Services 13,944 -7%
25 26 United States Sporting Goods 13,706 4%
26 27 Germany Business Services 12,756 5%
27 25 Switzerland Beverages 12,753 -4%
28 28 Sweden Home Furnishings 12,487 4%
29 37 United States Financial Services 12,314 29%
30 30 United States Alcohol 12,252 4%
31 31 United States Transportation 11,826 2%
32 32 United Kingdom Financial Services 11,561 10%
33 33 Japan Electronics 11,485 10%
34 29 Japan Electronics 11,356 -5%
35 34 United States FMCG 11,041 6%
36 43 United States Internet Services 9,665 23%
37 38 United States Financial Services 9,372 1%
38 39 Japan Electronics 8,990 -2%
39 40 Canada Media 8,976 6%
40 36 United States Financial Services 8,887 -13%
41 35 United States Electronics 8,880 -14%
42 42 Netherlands Electronics 8,696 7%
43 46 United States Internet Services 8,453 15%
44 41 Italy Luxury 8,346 2%
45 44 France FMCG 7,981 3%
46 48 United States FMCG 7,534 4%
47 45 United States Business Services 7,481 -3%
48 50 Spain Apparel 7,468 10%
49 47 Germany Diversified 7,315 0%
50 49 United States Automotive 7,195 3%
51 52 United States FMCG 6,919 6%
52 57 United States Financial Services 6,911 8%
53 55 Germany Automotive 6,892 6%
54 63 Canada Electronics 6,762 32%
55 54 United States Media 6,719 3%
56 53 France Financial Services 6,694 3%
57 58 Switzerland FMCG 6,548 4%
58 60 France FMCG 6,363 7%
59 56 United States Electronics 6,109 -5%
60 61 United States Restaurants 5,844 2%
61 N/A United States Beverages 5,777 0%
62 62 Germany Sporting Goods 5,495 2%
63 65 Germany Automotive 5,461 9%
64 67 United States FMCG 5,072 3%
65 69 South Korea Automotive 5,033 9%
66 64 United States Internet Services 4,958 -3%
67 81 Germany Financial Services 4,904 28%
68 N/A Spain Financial Services 4,846 0%
69 70 France Luxury 4,782 4%
70 66 United States Diversified 4,704 -6%
71 71 United States FMCG 4,536 3%
72 74 Germany Automotive 4,404 4%
73 75 Japan Electronics 4,351 3%
74 N/A United Kingdom Financial Services 4,218 0%
75 80 United States FMCG 4,155 8%
76 76 United States Luxury 4,127 3%
77 77 France Luxury 4,052 2%
78 N/A United States Alcohol 4,036 0%
79 82 France Alcohol 4,021 7%
80 N/A Switzerland Financial Services 4,010 0%
81 92 Netherlands Energy 4,003 24%
82 94 United States Financial Services 3,998 26%
83 79 United States Restaurants 3,973 2%
84 78 United States Apparel 3,961 1%
85 N/A Mexico Alcohol 3,847 0%
86 72 Switzerland Financial Services 3,812 -13%
87 86 Germany FMCG 3,734 5%
88 95 United States Computer Software 3,626 15%
89 84 United Kingdom Alcohol 3,624 -2%
90 N/A France Diversified 3,586 0%
91 88 Italy Automotive 3,562 1%
92 N/A United Kingdom Alcohol 3,557 0%
93 N/A Netherlands Alcohol 3,516 0%
94 N/A Switzerland Financial Services 3,496 0%
95 89 Italy Luxury 3,443 4%
96 91 France FMCG 3,403 5%
97 90 United States Restaurants 3,339 2%
98 73 United States Automotive 3,281 -24%
99 100 United States FMCG 3,241 5%
100 98 United Kingdom Luxury 3,110 0%

How to Build a Killer Online Resume for Free

By Mike Vardy | Website | Other Articles

How to Build a Killer Online Resume for Free

One of the emerging ways to put together a great resume is to use an online resume generator. Not only do you save time, but your productivity increases. This allows you to spend more time searching for work and less time putting together a resume that is attractive. Some of these services do charge a nominal fee, others are available to use free of charge. While it’s a good idea to keep your resume updated in terms of skills and experience, it’s also not a bad idea to freshen it up every once in a while. Below we’ve listed 6 services that allows you to build a killer online resume that gets you noticed – without you having to dip into your pocketbook.


CeeVee allows you to use a customizable and interchangeable theme for your resume (or résumé, as they call it) and then post it online to the public.  You can then save it as a PDF to use offline, or share it via Facebook and Twitter as well.  As with any service, you need to sign up to use it – but it conveniently allows you to login using your Facebook account to speed up the process – if you’re one of those who are comfortable with using that option. Seguir leyendo “How to Build a Killer Online Resume for Free”

The Hierarchy of Internet Needs

By Ethan Bloch

Everyone has heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs, but do the famed psychologist’s theories hold for online life? Well, just as Maslow studied Einstein and Douglass to determine the motivations and curiosities of human, one too can study social networks to determine what drives online users to the act the ways they do.

Read more: http://www.flowtown.com/blog/hierarchy-of-internet-needs#ixzz0ziTXZO7k

Cómo preparar una estrategia publicitaria

perparar-estrategia-publicitariaLa publicidad es una de las tantas actividades que responden a un grupo de factores de marketing interrelacionados, que dan como resultado una proyección fijada en tiempo y espacio de una marca o producto.

La inversión en diseño y publicidad son el resultado de una evaluación profunda de varios aspectos a tomar en cuenta, los cuales en cierta forma quedan fijados en 3 niveles fundamentales: ¿quién soy?, ¿cómo soy? ¿quién voy a ser?. Bajo esta mirada, y tomando en cuenta otros factores que analizaremos en este escrito, se define un plan de trabajo y un camino a seguir en términos publicitarios.

Para poder evaluar los aspectos y pautas necesarias para enfocar con inteligencia un esfuerzo o compromiso publicitario, no basta, claro está, con responderse a estas preguntas a las que hacemos referencia. Es necesario ser auto críticos, evaluativos, observadores. Es importante el pasado, presente y futuro de la marca, producto o empresa; su relación con la competencia y el posicionamiento en el mercado; conocer a fondo las ventajas y desventajas, las falencias y las fortalezas; establecer un plan de trabajo que relacione capacidad de respuesta, oportunidades, metas y objetivos. Seguir leyendo “Cómo preparar una estrategia publicitaria”

Twitter’s Extreme Makeover — Can it Win Back Users from Third-Party Services?

by Christine Hsu

Yesterday, Twitter introduced their new look to the world and has begun rolling it out to all users on their platform. Twitter.com has truly been made-over, with a brand new interface featuring a sleeker design, more prominent media content, related tweets and mini profiles.

Here’s a summary of the changes that were highlighted by Twitter (for the full video by Twitter, scroll to the end of the post):

  • Design – The Twitter stream will now appear on the left side of the page. On the right side, what used to be the smaller right-hand column has now expanded into a dashboard-like panel that contains more information on features such as Followers/Following, Who to Follow, Trending Topics, etc. Besides these larger changes, there have been small design tweaks such as tabs to organize your lists and streams, a hidden “Tweet” button, and clearer re-tweet labels.

New Designvia Techcrunch

Old Design
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Leadership and Change

by Mike Myatt

Leadership and ChangeFirst the bad news: If you’re not willing to embrace change you’re not ready to lead. Put simply, leadership is not a static endeavor. In fact, leadership demands fluidity, which requires the willingness to recognize the need for change, and finally the ability to lead change.

Now the good news: As much as some people want to create complexity around the topic of leading change for personal gain, the reality is that creating, managing and leading change is really quite simple. To prove my point, I’ll not only explain the entire change life-cycle in three short paragraphs, but I’ll do it in simple terms that anyone can understand. As a bonus I’ll also give you 10 items to assess in evaluating whether the change you’re considering is value added, or just change for the sake of change. Seguir leyendo “Leadership and Change”

Four I’s: Your true selves, really.

Insights for the Deeply Romantic and Deeply Skeptical
by Jeremy Sherman, Ph.D.

“I’m tired of being controlled by other people. It’s time for me to honor my true self.”

The idea of getting in touch with one’s true self has become a joke, mostly because people who pledged to do so back in the 1980s were too earnest, and, well, out of touch.

Still, the joke runs deeper than laughing at old fads. There’s something fundamentally slapstick about even the most thoughtful search for a true self. No sooner do you pounce on the place where you think your true self’s buck stops than you realize the buck must stop somewhere else.

What would you find if you burrowed around inside your mind, looking for your true self? A soul? A little equipment operator who runs your body, perhaps? Does this equipment operator have a body, too? If not, how does it work? If so, what runs it? Does it have an operator’s operator inside it? And, then, what runs the operator’s operator? Where do the nested Russian dolls of your self end? And who wants to know? Who’s the true self behind the part of you searching for your true self? Trying to get to the end of the queue is like trying to eat your mouth.

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6 Ways to Increase Your Visibility on Twitter

1. Share Your Knowledge

People enjoy following other freelancers, not because they want to hear what you’re eating for lunch, but because they want to learn from you. Make it a habit to share things you’ve learned in small tweets.

For example, when I finally figure out a tough CSS issue, I tweet about it how I fixed it and what it was. While it can sound difficult to try and explain problems in 140 characters or less, it actually ends up making you a better writer in the long run, since you’re forced to get to the point.

2. Share Links

One of the ways I gained my initial thousand followers was by tweeting about a lot of interesting articles every hour or so. Of course, this was done when I first started out freelancing and didn’t have much client work, so I had the time to invest in reading, commenting and tweeting blogs.

I don’t do this much now since I’m busy, but other freelancers, and even clients, like to follow an industry expert, and you can come off as an expert by staying on top of the latest trends, events and articles.

Don’t spam your followers though, keep it to once or twice an hour and only tweet high quality article. No one wants to follow someone who tweets about “30 Coffee Shop Designs” all the time. Seguir leyendo “6 Ways to Increase Your Visibility on Twitter”

Twitter’s New Mini Platform: The Right-Side Pane

While the new design of Twitter.com itself is big news, just as big is what it means for the Twitter ecosystem. I’m not talking about the third-party clients that have similar features to the ones Twitter just rolled out, but rather the partners that Twitter is (or is not) working with to bring more content directly into their environment.

Specifically, I’m talking about Twitter’s initial 16 partners: Dailybooth, DeviantArt, Etsy, Flickr, Justin.TV, Kickstarter, Kiva, Photozou, Plixi, Twitgoo, TwitPic, Twitvid, USTREAM, Vimeo, Yfrog, and YouTube. Each of these services now has content which can be viewed directly from Twitter.com — potentially taking pageviews away each of them. Why on Earth would they agree to that?

Some of those companies have already given their diplomatic answers — that this way will be better for the end users. That’s undoubtedly true, but many of those sites rely on the advertisements they show alongside the media they host. Such ads will not be shown on Twitter.com. So again, why agree to do this? Seguir leyendo “Twitter’s New Mini Platform: The Right-Side Pane”

In-Stream Ad Network Ad.ly Extends Reach To Facebook Pages

Leena Rao

Ad sales on Facebook are expected to reach a whopping $1.3 billion this year alone, thanks in part to the social network’s massive reach to over 500 million members. So it would make sense for Ad.ly, which operates an in-stream ad network on social platforms Twitter and MySpace, to be able to target users on the world’s largest social network. Today, the startup is announcing the ability for advertisers to place ads on Facebook Pages, within the Wall stream.

Ad.ly’s network, which currently reaches 100 million unique users, links up advertisers with influencers and regular users and then distribute links to marketing campaigns through the user’s Tweet streams and MySpace updates streams with full disclosure. And Ad.ly’s self service platform enables advertisers to connect with any user who signs up for Ad.ly’s service. So for example, an advertiser for Dell could choose which Twitter power-user or influencer to pitch their ad too and then submit a bid to a particular user. The publisher then approves or denies the request. Once the publisher approves the Tweet, the message is sent out via their account by Ad.ly, with a clear notice within the Tweet that the update is an ad with the language, “sent from Ad.ly Ad Network.” Seguir leyendo “In-Stream Ad Network Ad.ly Extends Reach To Facebook Pages”