Is Your Design S.I.M.P.L.E.? Take the Test

Simplicity…  What is it?  Is it needed?

How do I know if a design is simple enough?

Here’s a ‘Simplicity Test’ for your designs. Judge your designed product or process against the following list. You can assign a numerical value to each category and rank the design and the ‘what ifs?’.

The design is S.I.M.P.L.E. if it embodies the following:

S – Sublime-ness

I – Implicit; The more that needs to be made explicit the further away from simple you’re going.

M – Mysterious; As in, filled with mystery – it makes you say “Wow!” “Why didn’t someone thinks this before?”    “How does it work?”

P – Pleasing; To experience, it does what it’s supposed to- it’s experienced as what it’s supposed to be.

– Longing; At best, it creates a sense of wanting to return to product/process/system. At worst, it doesn’t scare people from coming back.

E – Emotive; Brings forth positive emotions or doesn’t elicit negative emotions.

How would, what you consider great designs, stack up?

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