69 Sexy and Explicit Advertisements: See It Creatively

Sex sells. In today’s society, people are becoming more open minded. As such, advertisers are becoming bolder. They exploit our acceptance and desire for the sensual by using sex to turn heads regardless of your gender or sexuality. Sex has always been one of the most powerful and persuasive advertising tools. Only now, it is more socially acceptable to use sex to entice and attract consumers.

WARNING: Some images may be too explicit and is not suitable for minors.

Sexy and Explicit Advertisements

The advertiser’s aim is to capture the attention of viewers by using sensual or sexually explicit tones to do so. Although today’s society is becoming more tolerant of using sex to sell products, not every country has reached the same level of openness. Depending on the restriction imposed by various countries, some overtly sexual ads are banned.

Each individual have different levels of tolerance and acceptance of a subject matter or topic. You can never please everyone simply because we are all so vastly different. Everyone is unique and has a right to form and express their opinion.

While some individuals might be offended or horrified by advertiser’s use of crude humor to sell a product, others might appreciate its wit and intelligent commentary on society.

Likewise, using sex to sell might appeal to some and disgust others. However, because there is a noted increase in demand for products that have been sold using sexually explicit tones, the possibility of high returns overthrows advertiser’s fears of offending the minority who disapprove of selling with sex.

Some overtly sensual ads turn out to be rather classy and tastefully done while others are bordering on pornographic. Regardless, it is one of the most effective forms of advertising.

Sex in advertising builds on the premise that people are curious about sexuality and that experience in marketing has been that sexuality sells products. From a marketing point of view, sexuality can have biological, emotional/physical or spiritual aspects. – Wikipedia

In today’s article we journey into the world of temptation and take a look at that which brings about our wild and uninhibited side.

The Art of Selling With Sex

Here are 69 advertisements that use either sexually explicit graphics or nudity to promote their products and services. However there are also some that use overt sensuality simply to make waves and create an impact. Creatively sensual or just plain lurid; be the judge of the quality of these advertisements for yourself.

Ziegler: Man’s Perfect Dream

Woolstudio: Dominatrix

Wonderbra: Cook

White night: Chocolate condoms
White Night

Viva TV: Jenn
Viva TV

Titus: Second Job

Termix Club: Team photo
Termix Club

Target maternity bras: Cranes
Target Maternity Bras

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health: Aids awareness, Hockey
Swiss Federal Office

Suraksha Mudra: Jeans
Suraksha Mudra

Sundek beachwear: Girl

Suede: Killer

Sisley: Transparent Clothes

Sisley Nothing
Sisley Nothing

Plate-Forme Prévention SIDA: Car

Semos: Lessons

Prockey Pen: Bikini Black
Prockey Pen

Playboy: Peta

Playboy: Hot teacher
Playboy Hot

Meltin’ Pot jeans: Bed
Meltin Pot 2

Meltin’Pot: 001 Step to an exciting job
Meltin Pot

Matchbox: Blonde girl

Mambo: 0%

Lynx deodorant: Baja

Luciano Carvari: Flora Amore
Luciano Carvari

Lorgan’s The Retro Store: Dining room

London Fog: Gisele Bündchen
London Fog

Lego: Sex

Lebenslust Lümmeltüten/Beate Uhse: Sitting

K-Lynn Lingerie: Bra
K Lynn Lingerie

jbs mens underwear: Nurse
jbs Mens Underwear

Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Sandals: Tattoo

Imedeen Tan Optimizer: Bra

Fowin: Eggplant

Ferrino Sleeping Bags: Butterfly

Equinox Fitness: Nuns
Equinox Fitness

E45: Arms

Downy: Naturally soft

Dim Paris Lingerie: Dim girls

DDB: Calendar

Club Cola: Sunshine Asses
Club Cola

Ché Magazine: Playgirl
Che Magazine

Bynolyt Binoculars: Eskimo
Bynolyt Binoculars

Bozzano Foot Deodorant: Escape

Masterfoods Bounty Chocolate: Ball

PETA: Boss Models
Boss Models

Blush Lingerie: Stimulation
Blush Lingerie

Billy Boy: Strawberry
Billy Boy

Axe: Shaved

Axe Shower Gel: Milk shake

ARPA: Panther

Aquafresh Whitening Toothpaste: Sun
Aqua Fresh

Aniela: Bra

Vitasnella: Hanger

Parafernalia: Fireman

Pepsi Raw: In the raw

Old Khaki Clothing: Four

Hans Wagner Butcher’s Shop: Supermarket
Hans Wagner

Condomshop.ch: Fire brigade

Layconsa highlighter: Topless

Deleye: Guy

Luxembourg Government: Human Trading
Luxembourg Government

Levis Red Tab Jeans: Hanging
Levis Red Tab Jeans

L’effet pei: Girl
Leffet Pei

Hansaplast Long Pleasure Condoms: Blonde

Fayreform Lingerie: Work Your Curves
Fayreform Lingerie

Adanac Glass: Invisible showers
Adanac Glass

Fresh Life Snack Pack: Egg
Fresh Life Snack Pack

Pantene: Blond

Sexy Selling

Did these sexy advertisements make you lusting for more? What are your thoughts and feelings about the use of sex in advertisements today? Are they ingeniously cheeky or just too much for your senses? Does the use of overtly sensuality encourage you to buy the products advertised in these ads? Do you like or dislike what you’ve seen?

To Sell You Must First Have An Audience

Previously we’ve looked at how advertisers use humor, animals, children and babies, as well as extreme shock tactics to attract the attention of their audience. Whatever the style or imagery used, half the battle is won when an advertisement manages to catch the attention of their target audience.

You must first get your audience to stop and take a look at the advertisement before you can convince them they need the product or service the advertisement is trying to promote. The imagery used is just as important as the content or smarts of the advertisement.

Which techniques works best on you? Share your thoughts with us and tell us which genre of advertisements you prefer.



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