The Most Popular Payment Solutions for Freelancers (Charts)

freshbookschartlogoWhat’s the best way to do one-time or recurring billing for your online business? That’s an important question for the growing legion of independent service providers transitioning countless business transactions onto the web.

That which is most popular may not be the best, but it’s a good place to start looking. Popular online invoicing service FreshBooks posted today two pie charts (below) quantifying the most popular services used by FreshBooks customers to bill their clients, both inside and outside the US. PayPal may be the winner in one-time billings, but not by much. In recurring billings, it’s not even close to number one.



This kind of aggregated data analysis sure is interesting, I love this kind of stuff. Imagine what sorts of other charts and graphs could be generated from the data found in other online services. Someone ought to create a consultancy that specializes in helping companies come up with ideas for that, like YCombinator-funded Leftronic does for internal company data.