Style and Function: The Power of Visually Appealing Websites

Whenever I look for a particular product or service, the company’s website has a lot to do with whether I engage with a vendor or not. I don’t disregard product or service quality, of course, but the power of the website is great: It can draw you in or turn you off.

We all know that today, consumers search for products and services online before making purchases. In order to get an advantage over their competition, companies create websites to gain visibility and promote credibility with their consumers online.

How then, can one stand out? This is where visual design takes a step forward.  Here are a few reasons why a good visual design can be powerful marketing tool:

Visually Appealing Websites are Fresh.

Visual elements that reinforce your objectives, appropriate and nicely done images of your products — these add up to your web site’s appeal to your consumers. Visual design supports a company’s brand positioning, thus effectively communicating information and interactivity to its readers.

A Visually Appealing Website can Increase Your Market Share and Expand your Audience Reach.

The ability to pique your audience’s interest and get them to view your site is essential in getting them to learn more about your product or service, and ultimately lead them to inquire, sign up and purchase. Your website speaks volumes more than you know — a poorly designed one shows inconsistencies which can reflect badly on your company’s service and products. A well-designed site can indicate a service or brand that is professional, consistent and reliable, and consumers can have more confidence in and prefer doing business with you.

Visually Appealing Websites Improve Efficiency.

Is your consumer browsing through a website and not really getting the information they want? Your visual design might be a little too cluttered and confusing. A few minutes of delayed and fruitless searching, and your viewers may soon be giving up and moving on to the next site. A well-designed website provides positive experiences to its audience by delivering useful, fresh content that allows them to accomplish their goals quickly and easily.

A visually appealing website ultimately gives you and your audience the best of both worlds: An overall organized feel that is consistent and professional for your company, and a portal of information for your viewers that is organized and easy to find. Creating this makes it possible to achieve more with less time and effort, and gives you a great and lasting impression on the Web in today’s hectic society.

NOTE: a great resource on this topic is the book, “Don’t Make Me Think“, by Steve Krug.

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