Flush With Oil Cash, Southern Sudan Plans Giraffe-Shaped Capital City and a Rhinopolis

BY Jenara Nerenberg

City architects tap their inner animals and go wild on urban planning.

Sudan animail-shaped cities

Southern Sudan expects to hit big with oil in the coming years, and what does the government plan to do with the newfound billions? Build animal-shaped cities. That’s right, the government recently announced that it’s capital, Juba, will be transformed with neighborhoods, amusement parks, roads, and buildings that all fit nicely into blueprints of a giraffe, and nearby Wau will take the form of a rhino.

The project will cost an estimated $10.1 billion dollars. Locals have been quoted as saying they believe such a massive overhaul will mean Southern Sudan is “developed,” but in reality over 90% of the country is extremely poor, fitting into the very bottom of the economic pyramid at earnings of $1 per day.

We’ve had some recent discussions of what makes a “top city“–could animal type be the next defining criteria?

[Photo by Pete Muller/AP Photo]

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