F1 sponsors join global forces to enhance global deals

by Ed Kemp

The top 100 Formula 1 sponsors have clubbed together to form an alliance aimed at maximising their return on the £458m they invest in the sport each year.

Vodafone: F100 will promote the interests of F1 sponsors
Vodafone: F100 will promote the interests of F1 sponsors

The F100 organisation will promote the interests of leading global brands, including Diageo, Puma, and Vodafone, by communicating directly with F1’s ruling bodies.

The first meeting is set to take place in London on 1 September, with sponsors LG, SAP and Shell setting the agenda. F1 teams will also be in attendance, including delegates from McLaren, Red Bull, Williams and Lotus.

The alliance, organised by industry publication Formula Money, event organisers Motorsport Business Forum and sponsorship consultancy Right Formula, will represent brands’ interests, as the Formula 1 Teams Association does for the sport’s constructors.The organisers plan to host three meetings a year, with one taking place before the season, one midway through and one at its conclusion.
These will offer sponsors the chance to compare notes and develop ways to maximise the benefits of their partnerships.

Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has agreed to review the minutes of the proceedings.


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